Oh, Jackie-O

i think jacqueline kennedy onassis had an influence on the way we all see fashion, she's definitely one of our country's most respected style icons.

"her sense of elegance inspires me to this day." - Valentino

May 22, 2011

show & tell

Most everything has here somehow influenced the contents of our wardrobes.   I wanted to show some things from our grandmother's house and tell how they have all inspired us to like what we like.  Firstly, a tribute to our heritage with moroccan-inspired prints.
all different shades of orange
 beautifully coordinated table settings
timeless neutrals
flowers which just naturally scream girly-girl
keeping it clean and sleek with her jean collection, consisting of 95% white jean
iconic fashion designers 
this is where the infatuation i have with black and white begins

freaking out while sifting through her closet and came across these. 50's and 60's Valentino dresses, again timeless, and still in mint condition.  taking care of your clothing is one of the most valuable lessons in fashion we have learned from her.
this picture just is so typical of the time and so fabulous. notice the cigar in hand at the dinner table. i especially love her Twiggy style, beehive up-do.  so sixties

& this is where it all began.  our never to be called grandma, grandma. working all over the fashion industry spectrum, she knows her stuff.  from Bloomies, to New York as a personal shopper, to Valentino and Paris Fashion Week, and retiring in furs and high fashion lingerie at Saks, she's done it all.  i believe this to be where our fond appreciation for well-made clothing and embracing personal style has stemmed from.  

May 4, 2011