September 2011 - The Fashionably Broke

dress - up

because it's fabulous.

NINE WEST NUDE PEEP TOE PUMPS, this heel has the perfect amount of chunk, & DRESS BY DOUBLE IN BRASS

so, LOVE Double in Brass.  the brand is made up of two girls.  they started off designing The Lake & Stars, a line of lingerie exclusively for Urban Outfitters.   the pair dolled things up last year with a sister brand, Double in Brass, where lingerie meets outwear and the two are now interchangeable.  i love the whole 'bra-showing' trend.  so to me, they are genius and i love them.  I mean who really wears lingerie on a regular basis? but wearing them as an outfit, I can do.  super hot.

I feel like this dress needs no words.  the colors, the bustier effect, the sweetheart neckline.  so the main lesson of the day here is, branch out.   Forever21 is not the only store that carries dresses.  I know its super convenient to have overly trending items all in one place for under $20, but this time spend the few extra pennies on something well-made. be stunning.

Sep 26, 2011

sangria saturday

Red Wine Sangria
1 bottle Cab Sav of your choice
1 shot of Brandy
Fruit: Lemons, Blueberries, & Strawberries
2 cups of Club Soda
Let everything sit over night.
Add 1 bottle of Champagne
& enjoy.

{personally, my favorite part is eating all of the wine infused fruit after the liquid part is all gone}

in my mind it's still summer, and I may or may not be in denial about the fact that the time has come where the spot in my closet that used to hold shorts can now be replaced with knits and scarfs.  an easy way to solve all my problems, tights + cutoff's.  super cute and season appropriate.  printed pantyhose could have spiced things up a bit, but I usually prefer a classic, solid black.  the outfit translates well also.  a quick swap in to some awesome wedge ankle booties and a spruce up in the jewelry department keeps the party going.


Sep 24, 2011

crochet fever

i literally had to hunt these shoes down and have the last pair in my size, in America, shipped to me from Washington state.  and BTW, they shipped for free, and arrived on my birthday, and now it is official, Urban Outfitters IS my hero.

so I realized this weekend, that if i could have a beach house or a lake house i would probably choose the lake.  I know this is weird coming from me, considering i’m practically a natural born mermaid, but there is just something about the privacy of a house on the lake that i love.  besides the unobtrusiveness and the beautiful scenery, of mountains and water, that just forces you to do nothing but relax, it was such a fun weekend.  filled with eating delicious home cooked meals, drinking my famous margaritas, and lounging around a beautiful cabin in the woods. 

it was my boyfriend and I’s anniversary trip so I had to find some time to look pretty too. only Free People can make clothes that are totally chic as well as mountain-vacay appropriate.  i bought this crochet cardigan for fall, but gave it a little test drive over the weekend. it’s very hard to wear crochet without looking like you were playing dress-up in your grandmother’s closet, but this dramatically long, cardigan is subtly sexy. pairing it with something uber tight underneath, allowed for some shape and skin to peak through.  this cardigan is everything.

Sep 12, 2011

casual stripes

 structure, a shade of brown that goes with everything, lots of side pouches for easy access, and a mirror inside.  
this is my idea of a perfect leather bag.

ok so if you aren't a walking straw like erika, stripes are probably not your thing.  horizontal stripes have the tendency to enhance the actual width of your body. and so while you're still in the process of signing up for the gym and trying to fathom never eating a piece of pizza again, i would just stay away. HOWEVER, in this case, the stripes are our friend!  you can see how the stripes on this dress slant in different directions with diagonal seams, thus dodging any possible negative attention and making the dress just a little more interesting.  the unconventional stripes complement the asymmetrical hems nicely too.  such a well-made, & flattering dress, perfect for a hot summer day or night. 


Sep 1, 2011