October 2011 - The Fashionably Broke

brown suede shorts

Erika came home for a little early fall break, aka Virginia Tech had an away game that weekend so there was no reason for her to not come home and hang with her favorite sister, (me).  we crammed a fair amount of  activities into this weekend.  we ate our favorite burritos from Anita's, danced by ourselves in a sports bar in Arlington, attended our first wine pairing at Paradise Springs (pictures to come), and then drove to FedEx Field for the Redskins vs. Eagles football game on Sunday.  all of which made for a flawless weekend in nova.  we have had a strange fall so far though,  filled with either really warm or really cold days.  I can't really argue with the warmer days, I will take as many as I can get.  every year there's always a little bit of denial when it comes to changing the season of my closet, giving away the breezy blouse's spot to chunky sweaters.  thankfully, this fall has let me hold on to summer a little bit longer.  the term "fall shorts" may seem like an oxymoron, but we're all for it.  our perfect pair for fall are these neutral, suede shorts, accommodating of our indian summer.  the structured pleats on this pair make for something easy to dress up or down.  and if you can't tell yet, I l o v e an item that transitions well from day to night.


Oct 23, 2011


who doesn't need the Beale Convertible Satchel?  firstly, "I die" over fur ever since Rachel Zoe made it a staple to every girl's want-list by showcasing how easily it can and will turn any outfit chic.  it was the Trendsday Item on Send the Trend and god knows, I love a good sale.  but I think the size of this bag is just perfect, to hold what seems as my ever-growing "must have with me at all times" items, and the fur detailing is just enough to not get tomatoes thrown at me by PETA when I wear it out for brunching in DC this winter (not that it's real fur, I am an avid animal lover, but because honestly I think those people love to throw things).  what fur peices are you incorporating in to your fall/winter wardrobe? I would love some more myself!


Oct 20, 2011

knots & braids

So were all sitting down enjoying Natalie's 24th birthday dinner and all of a sudden we look up and notice our Aunt Chantal has created these stunning hairstyles in a matter of minutes. It just goes to show you what a few knots and braids can really achieve!  Chantal has also been a huge part of our inspiration for fashion and design, as well as the closest thing to a big sister that Natalie never had!  She pretty much taught us everything there is to know about being girly, from dancing and music, to the fact that nude lipstick is the greatest thing that was ever invented.  I'm pretty sure she had us loving MAC by age 11.  As creative as she is with hair, she also has a serious eye for interior design. I'm sure Natalie will soon post some pictures of her new adorable apartment that Chantal and her decorated, and I have also left you a link to her Facebook page which you should definitely check out!! 

Make sure you check out Its Done by Chantal Gibson on Facebook!  

Oct 4, 2011