November 2011 - The Fashionably Broke

solar flares

lately, I find beauty in the most random and simple things in life.  a colorful sunset, or an old van that makes me wish I grew up in the seventies.  I don't know whose van this is, but I hope they could appreciate us including it in this post.  most of the time, both my sister and I's, day to day style ends up being much like this van, what I like to call as rugged chic.  that's my fancy.  where it looks like you just rolled out of bed looking that fabulous.  when your hair's a mess and your clothes are just hanging off of your body in all the right places.  there's just something so effortlessly chic about an oversized, distressed sweater that you can slightly see through and looks like it came out of a box at goodwill.  and don't even get me started on the flared jeans or the amazing style of the seventies.  because - crop tops, hair so long that it seems unreasonable, and ridiculously flared pants is so sexy.  this pair is so out-of-this-world flared, that it looks like she has completely lost her mind and has no shoes on, and I adore it.  this is the only time you shouldn't dress for the shoe.  just find your highest heels, look as you have no feet, boys won't don't get it, and rock it.  plus, I love because I'm short, that flares make me look tall.  but that's a whole different story. 


Nov 23, 2011

velvet valentino

shoes are really the category where I splurge.  I am always all about the sample sales, outlet shopping, and sale racks, but between the chunky heel and the short, 80's flashback height, I was totally okay with swiping away for these boots.  Also, I am going through a phase where my style is sort of changing, and therefore some areas of my closet are in need of revamping.  I am starting with my shoe closet.

I call these kinds of shoes my "start from the shoe" shoes.  the name stems from those times when you are drawing a styling blank and can't find anything to wear, and you know there is nothing more frustrating than this state of mind, so this is when I simply say, "just start from the shoe."  and this story usually has a happy ending.  it's just easier to start by making a statement with a great shoe that can speak for itself.  making a statement down low though means keeping it simple up top.  and when I say simple, I mean looks simple. because even though that silver sweater is definitely one of my go-to basics, putting on that European size four Valentino skirt was not a simple task by any means.  I adore it though - black on black, velvet stripes.  it's a Saturday outfit kept simple, all about the tiny, amazing details strung about. 

STELLA & DOT / SAKS FIFTH AVENUE JEWELRY,  THRIFTED BELT, TYLIE MALIBU PURSE (75% off at Nordstrom Rack = $29 = happy accessorized girl)

Nov 13, 2011