December 2011 - The Fashionably Broke

red velvet


Erika ran out to a holiday dinner party in this festive ensemble, which was quickly thrown together, last minute, in the Nordstrom Rack dressing room.  It was the kind of day where you have 5,837 things to do [because duh, Christmas is in a few days, so it wouldn't be right if you didn't] and it would just be easier to buy a new head-to-toe look, rather than even think about what to wear tonight.  Given our strong appreciation for a dramatic flare in a nice pair of pants, we spotted these, and decided everything else must revolve around them.  The soft lace and red velvet fabrics, complimenting the holiday season so well, were just screaming "buy me."  

& my first attempt at a fun camera trick ~ Bokeh, inspired by Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere.

Hoping everyone had a fun and relaxing holiday, as did we!  More merry posts to come. xo 

Dec 24, 2011

the boyfriend sweater

it was a very nostalgic weekend, filled with warm fires, roasting marshmallows and playing in the fallen leaves.  these days, I really just enjoy anything that takes me back to being a kid.  what takes me back to my childhood every winter is waking up and having to get dressed in the freezing cold.  there was literally nothing worse to me then, and pretty much nothing has changed since.  after a long week at work and the more than brisk weather, I couldn't see myself in anything less than warm and comfy.  given I avoid winter like the plague and haven't unpacked my winter woolies, I glared at my closet from a distance, realizing there was nothing that even looked remotely comfortable enough.  on the verge of panicking, it wasn't until shortly thereafter that I had my "ah-ha moment," when I decided to peek into my boyfriend's closet and see what he had to bring to the table.  just like my boyfriend jeans that I adore so much, I figured there is totally nothing wrong with sporting men's clothing on top as well, right?  Immediately spotting the cure to my winter anxiety: a cashmere, grey, v-neck that could easily mimic an oversized sweater any day, was just what I needed.  

and to offset my apparent laziness I decided to spruce up an old pair of jeans by cuffing and fraying the ends, inspired by a DIY post from Fashion Toast, and then rolled down my ankle boots to show off a little ankle cleavage.  making sure I still kept true to my feminine self, I paired his sweater with a great, silver statement piece and owned the boyfriend sweater like it was my own.  to me, it's not really about what you wear, but how you wear it that makes it so special and reflective of your personal style.  


Dec 11, 2011