October 19, 2012

closet organization

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my closet is probably the most sacred place in my home. let’s just say – whenever my boyfriend needs me, he knows where to find me. and when it’s not organized to my likings, my whole life feels off balance. does anyone else get that feeling too? my boyfriend and i are moving into a bigger place in January, so naturally the first thing that comes to mind is ‘how am i going to organize my new closet(s)?’

after a lot of research (pinning) and scheduling a time for two of my good (very kind and patient) friends Ashley & Morgan to come over and help me, i’ve come up with some ideas for my next closet organizing adventure. clearly, this (above) is not an option at the moment, for neither me or my pups, unless i can convince my AMAZING boyfriend (shameless sucking up happening here) to let me turn the spare bedroom into a closet, here’s what i’m going to do:


shoes & accessories are getting a bit out of hand as well,
so here’s a few great organizing ideas i’ve found and will be using


any other fabulous closet organizing tips you may have for me, please share!

xx N

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I'm freak as well when it comes to the closet organization, everything must be in a perfect place and order!:Dlol
Great blog girls, you're both so sweet!:)

This got me stressed!! lol good tips though, must write them down to try and improve my nightmare looking closet! jut saying

Now why did you have to post the most beautiful in the world #jealous LOL. Great tips… I wish I had even half that room!


Wow. My closet is always super messy!

These are wonderful tips, wish my closet would look like this.

great tips! I always fold sweaters and color coordinate! I love the tips for sunglasses and clutches!

If my closet was only that big…