outer banks vacationing

our memorial day weekend consisted of an extended stay at our favorite beach, too much a lot of carolina pork barbecue, making a dent in the book i had been dying to read, revisiting my favorite vintage store, and going out at night with messy, beach hair and no make-up.  all of which were much needed.

the outer banks, north carolina will always have a special place in our hearts (and yes, i'm going to take a quick trip down memory lane starting now).  vacationing in this east coast beach town only prepared us for what would be one of the best summers of our lives, where we lived and breathed the beach life every day for four amazing months.  as that summer sadly came to an end, erika went back to school and i stayed on the beach and it was during one of my more lonely days of winter on the beach that i decided i wanted to start writing a blog.  but when i say "lonely" you must know that it was a good kind of lonely.  i spent a lot of time at the beach, while my boyfriend was at work managing the barbecue joint (yes, our lives were that simple) reflecting on my life and what i wanted it to become.  i know that sounds like the most cliché thing you have ever heard, but honestly, there was not really much else to do living on the beach in the winter, and i loved it.
i'd being lying if i didn't say that every trip back to the outer banks since then has been bitter sweet, wondering why i was so crazy to ever leave this beautiful place.  but i know one good thing came out of moving back to the city, i sat down and actually wrote my first blog post.  one guess what it was about...

my rings are Stella & Dot and vintage | erika's nail ring is vintage |
more to come about my dress later this week! 

May 30, 2012

Fashionably Broke Bloggers: Summer Edition

from left to right

1. West Elm Paint Brush Silk Pillow CoverLindsey's pick, and a perfect way to brighten up your home during the warmer seasons. | $39

2. Espadrilles by Soludos for J.Crew: Jennifer suggests this comfy flat for summer.  They come in a slue of bright, punchy colors that will flatter any beachy ensemble. | $35

3. ASOS Oversized Retro Sunglasses: With Metal Bridge Detail:  My pick!  Just because, they resemble a chic and expensive pair of Elizabeth & James. | $21

4. GAP Watercolor Stripe Pocket T: Cathy's new favorite tee shirt for summer.  So comfy, totally affordable, and perfect to throw on for a summer day. | $23

5. Essie 'Poppy Razzi Collection': Chosen by the beauty expert herself, I can't wait to get my hands on Lindsay's pick.  From left to right, Action, Bazooka, Camera, and Lights. | $32 for the set

6. LuLu's Neon Yellow Patent Platform Wedge: Christina always finds the best shoes, and the neon craze is definitely here to stay. | $35

7. Kate Spade New York Colored Stone Stud Earrings: Another pick from yours truly!  Bright bling is a must this summer. | $38

A huge thank you to the lovely ladies who contributed to the summer edition of Fashionably Broke Bloggers and for sharing such great finds!  Happy shopping, and be sure to check out their blogs as well. xx

Incase you missed the spring edition of Fashionably Broke Bloggers, you can check out some more great finds under $50 from a few of my favorite DC bloggers here.

May 28, 2012

how to wear a turban

before erika & i leave you for a long weekend at the beach, i thought i would share a one of my favorite beach accessories, the turban.  you can buy yourself a trendy turban here or here, or you can tackle this summer trend using what you already have in your closet.

Vintage Floral Scarf (worn as turban) | Nordstrom Shirt | Calvin Klein Trousers (similar) | Zara Mini Shopper | Stella & Dot Jewelry | Tobi Sunglasses | Michael Kors Ankle Strap Pumps (similar)

how to, turban, DIY, summer, trend, style, blogger
to create your own DIY turban, as i did above, you will first need a square shaped scarf.  fold the scarf in half, folding it in a way that it creates a triangle.  then, place the triangle-folded scarf on your head, the point in the front.  begin crisscrossing the ends, wrapping them around your head as many times as you need to until you can tie a good knot at the end.  i prefer my knot in the front, but wherever it happens to land, is just fine!   

if you (hopefully) end up sporting this summery trend this weekend, we would love to see how. 
so tweet us at @NatalieandErika and show off your turbans!

wishing everyone a great memorial day weekend!

photographed by Katya of SpicyCandyDC

May 25, 2012

feeling tribal-inspired

Hello, Fashionably Broke readers! Ashley from AshleyInDC.com here. Natalie and I are doing a little blogswap today - you can catch her Splurge/Steal post over here (hint - shoes are involved). Lately I've found myself pinning lots of bold, geometric, tribal-inspired items and I wanted to share some of my favorites with you, the readers of Fashionably Broke. I've included some pretty DIY nails, jewelry and artwork in brights, muted tones and pastels.

 Bright:  one  |  two  |  three  |  four
Muted:  one  |  two  |  three  |  four
Pastel:  one  |  two  |  three  |  four

A big 'thank you' to Fashionably Broke for having me on the blog today! :)



May 23, 2012

a DIY dress

diy, do it yourself, diy dress, maxi skirt, maxi dress, fashion, style, blogger, outfit

{do} hike up your pleated, maxi skirt.  
what does one wear to meet Bravo Andy (Cohen) at Bethesda's Front Row event?  a DIY dress, if you're me.  and no, i'm not a master seamstress, i was just apparently feeling extra creative on this joyful day of getting to meet Andy, and decided to wear a skirt as a dress.  ever since the madness began back in february, when i bought anything and everything Missoni for Target i could get my hands on, this Missoni (for Target) maxi skirt has hung in my closet, pretty much just collecting dust.  we all have those untouched pieces hanging in our closets, right?  the reason this super cute skirt hasn't had any action though is because i just don't enjoy the way it hangs as a skirt, or maybe i've just become bored of it.  either way, i decided to hike it up, and i made myself a dress.  i enjoy it's new length, it's chevron pleats, and the simplistic-chic look it creates. 

Missoni for Target Maxi Skirt | BCBG Wedges | Zara Mini Shopper | Stella & Dot Jewlery

"it's not about what you wear, it's about how you wear it"
(yes, i just quoted myself.)

May 21, 2012

dress for the occasion

road trip comfy style

proud hugs

graduation, fashion, style, shop, dress, dresses, blog, inspiration, graduate

what we wore

cheers to six inch floral heels. only erika

woven loafers. would really enjoy a pair of these myself

layered lace

to fabulous clothes and the next chapter

so proud of you e! xx

May 18, 2012

what i'm using

this type of post was last seen here | here it is again | from top left to bottom right | hope you enjoy!

by far, the easiest way to remove your make-up.  my bestie introduced me to these on our trip to vegas.  my favorite part?  you don't need a bathroom to remove your make-up.  my favorite places to use them are while lying in bed or in the car.  "i don't really know how anyone uses anything else" - direct quote from the bestie. | $7

huge shout out to mario badescu for making yet another amazing product.  most importantly, this facial moisturizer is great with most skin types.  it's also the first moisturizer that i've used that doesn't make my face feel greasy afterwards.  my skin looks smoother immediately & it leaves the perfect pallet for under my make-up.  i also love their aloe moisturizer with SPF for summer time! | $25

i like to buy smaller portions of perfume so that i can change my scent often.  viva la juicy smells amazing & it's the perfect size, i literally carry with me at all times.  if you are the on-the-go type like me i highly recommend rollerball perfumes. less spray, more scent.  sephora & ulta usually have great selections of rollerball perfumes to choose from. | $19

my new basic nail colors for spring/summer are essie fiji & essie marshmallow.  fiji is a matte, baby pink & marshmallow is a more sheer yet crisp white.  they are both timeless & will complement any outfit beautifully! | $8

laura mercier makes my favorite double-end brush, however many other brushes work well too.  i was amazed at how much just shaping my eye brows made a difference in how complete my make-up looked, as last expressed earlier this year.  i never leave the house without doing them now!  i've also received great feedback from friends since i've been all about the brow.  this is really the best beauty tip i can give any girl. | $34

i'm not quite sure where these cuties came from, but i'm pretty sure some celebrity started wearing them and they became the newest trend in a matter of minutes.  i rave about these on the regular.  so comfy & double as bracelets when you aren't wearing them in your hair.  cute & functional. i just love! | $45

if you don't own dry shampoo i don't know how you get through life.  if i didnt, i would either have to walk around looking like a grease ball or actually find the time to wash & do my hair every day.  i don't know about you, but both options are just not options for me.  i really like this one by batiste & love this colorless dry shampoo by oscar blandi. | $6 & $25

it's important (and fun) to try out new products
to find those keepers that you really love!

what kinds of products are you using these days?

May 16, 2012

tie dye and a little DIY

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i'm back after a long weekend away for erika's graduation ~ and finally sharing with you what i wore to nova fashion week's behind the scenes event.  so crazy how time flies, and while i wish my little sister was still little (and not taller than me), i am so proud to see the amazing person she has grown to become.  and despite her not being so pleased that college is over, i'm pretty darn stoked that she is FINALLY MOVING HOME! and so is this blog - be prepared to see a lot more of erika from now on!

on to what i wore:  this tye dye zara dress is amazing and i am already thinking of the countless ways i want to wear it.  unbuttoned over shorts, buttoned up maxi-style, and as my new go-to bathing suit cover-up for this summer.  i continued adding bursts of color to my look by pairing it with my yellow shopper and bright blue shoedazzle wedges.  i also chose to style it with silver jewelry, which is something i don't do that often, but my new south moon under necklace practically made the decision for me. 

this was also my first attempt at the "smokey cat-eye," thanks to Emily's (thee Emily, of Cupcakes and Cashmere) Estee Lauder tutorial last week.  she said that i did great job, what do you think?

a closer look:
blogger, dc blogger, style, DIY, Tie Dye, Tie Dye Dress, Zara Dress, Outfit, nail art

my nail art skills are becoming pretty special, just saying!
i had so much fun in this dress, so i hoped you enjoyed the plethora of pictures. xx

Zara Dress (not available at the moment) | Target Slip Dress (similar and greatShoeDazzle Shoes | Zara Mini Shopper | c/o SouthMoonUnder Triple Hammered Bib Necklace | Tiffany's, Loft, & Stella & Dot Rings

Like my shoes? Shop at ShoeDazzle and get 25% OFF your first item! Code: PINKSD25

May 13, 2012

Luxe Lifestyle presents: NOVA Fashion Week's Behind the Scenes Event

Behind the Scenes of NOVA Fashion Week was more than just a great party.  held at the Artisphere in Arlington, this exclusive event was a true showcasing of how much creative talent we have in Northern Virginia.  not to mention i had the pleasure of hanging out with some of my favorite (and exteremly stylish) bloggers like Ashley of AshleyinDC, Ashley of La Petite Marmoset, and Morgan of Reidmore, as well as meet some of my new favorite bloggers, Jasmine of Web Haute Jas, Nadine of I'm With Beautiful, and the adorable "hauties" Abby and Molly of Fashion Hauties.
literally, the best cupcake i have had in a while was provided by the lovely and talented partners behind Perfect Pink.  they had me at hello, with their real fruit topping and the fact that these are all homemade!
regardless of whether or not I am bias, Kristin Biggs did a
spectacular job drenching all of the models in Stella & Dot jewels!   
Honest Tea has been showing it's face quite often lately and i am more than loving it.  this interaction with them was particularly special to me, as i fell in love with their new Pomogranate Blue ade.    
organic skin care products?  yes, please! 
i can't wait to get my hands on a bar of seaweed soap by Laudun Cosmetics.
BraveNoise held the night together with their musical performances, including a tribute to Adam 'MCA' of the Beastie Boys.  This DC/Baltimore band's sound blends Reggae, Funk, and Rock N Roll effortlessly.
The discussion panel is always a favorite part of the night for me, where talented CapFABB bloggers, including Necole of B3LLA CARA, Kia of Vouge & Vintage, Jennifer of Comme Coco, and Ashley of LMP Ashley, speak to the secrets behind running a successful blog.
I also had the pleasure of meeting Angela of Gigee Marie in person, as opposed to via twitter, and we discussed a new project we are working on.  i cant wait to tell you all about it!   
The main event of the night was the Bien Abye fashion show, where designer Dayanne Danier showcased her bright and bold collection of women's ready to wear clothing.  The collection was inspired by the desire to unveil a women's sophistication and confidence with every step she takes while embracing her lifestyle. 
"My focus is to create garments that make a woman look graceful
by allowing her to project her inner beauty.  It's all about setting the right
tone, painting the right picture, and always being Bien Abye!" - Dayanne
The main NOVA Fashion Week event will be held in October.  Stay tuned for more information!
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May 9, 2012