cut outs

DSC_0683 DSC_0621 DSC_0665 DSC_0685 DSC_0661 3

cut outs are just the right amount of reveal and exactly how i prefer to show a little skin, as proven in this blouse with cut outs at the shoulders from sugarlips. when a brand reaches out that they want to work together obviously the first thing we do is skim their website and see what their brand is all about and after doing so i realized that sugarlips may or may not have been made just for me. i absolutely adore every single item of clothing they carry, just as i do this cut out shoulder blouse. i have to have these tribal detail shorts next.

ps. how amazing is my bestie for getting me these fantastic white wedges for my birthday? love you Lo! xx

Sugarlips Cut Out Shoulder Blouse | BDG High Waisted Shorts | Trouve Wales Wedge | Stella & Dot, random jewelry

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Jun 28, 2012

current events

incase you're behind on current events, i've rounded up a few for you. being in the blogosphere really comes in handy when it comes to staying on top of what events are going on with who and where. let's start with tonight. if you have no plans and love fashion and/or supporting a good cause, go support District Sparkle at her G.L.A.M event benefiting Casa DC.  also while you're there, visit my girl Morgan at the Stella & Dot table and show her some love as well while she styles you up in fabulous Stella & Dot jewels. 
you have a few days left to round up those clothes that you no longer wear, but can't bring yourself to throw away that are just taking up precious closet space before Dew Drop's Tangerine Tango Clothing Swap this weekend in Bethesda, Maryland. get tickets and more information here (i heard they are giving away swag bags this time, so sad i am missing it!).  and make sure to share any extra special finds with us, we would love to see them! at the last Dew Drop Swap i snagged these amazingly soft Calvin Klein pants and these perfectly baggy GAP shorts.

thirdly, i'm still at the beach.  and, i am taking a full vacation from all of my duties as a human being. flower is at grandma's, i'm staying off (or trying atleast) twitter, and my maincure is hot mess and i'm not fixing it. shhhh, tell no one.  i haven't been able to give up instagram though so you can see what i've been up to on there, find me under @fashionablybrokegirl.

and lastly, don't forget to enter our latest giveaway, if you haven't yet, for a free pair of Firmoo eyewear!


a mullet?

DSC_0438 DSC_0436 DSC_0443

i have strong feelings against calling this dress a mullet dress and almost refuse to do so because mullets are unattractive and this dress is definitely not that. but i do agree with La Petite Marmoset updating this vintage dress to a high-low hem, and (most importantly) to fit me like a glove. this is my idea of the perfect summer cookout dress, fun and comfortable, as i dressed it down with a pair of soludos. and i can't wait to spice up this leopard print with fancy heels one night this week. i'm at the beach and ready to put all my new summer dresses to good use.

for a sneak peek in to the LPM showroom visit our facebook album here

to shop redesigned vintage by LPM you can visit there etsy store here

and dont forget to enter our latest giveaway! xx

La Petite Marmoset Vintage Dress | Soludos Espadrilles | Betsy Johnson Round Frame Sunglasses (similar found on

Jun 25, 2012

fake outfit layering

DSC_0292 DSC_0319 DSC_0337 DSC_0322 DSC_0331 DSC_0346 how to best layer clothing? in the case of this dress, you don't. disguised as a shirt and skirt, it's a full monochromatic, layered outfit all in itself. erika does however layer on a denim jacket and voila, the perfectly layered outfit. the weather in dc has been so miserably hot though this week that i have been doing actually the exact opposite of layering. hoping it cools down soon!

especially loving this look because it sort of resembles that whole matching top and bottom look that i have been attempting a lot lately. i tried to buy the matching blouse to these shorts today, but was not well when i discovered they didn't have my size. don't you hate that? day ruiner.

can you tell from this post though that we have agreed, mixing metals is okay? and were these studded sam edelman ankle boots the best purchase erika has probably made to date? we say, yes.

erika wore this outfit to the La Petite Marmoset showroom opening party, which was in the most amazing space and where i purchased a super hot, high-low, vintage LPM dress (obviously, i've already worn it and hopefully it will be blogged by next week). there's nothing better than having friends in the business of redesigning vintage clothes, right? love you Katherine & Ashley!

you can check out the rest of the photos from the event here on our facebook page.

Dress via Urban Outfitters | Abercrombie & Fitch Denim Jacket (similar) | Bebe Purse (old) | Stella & Dot Necklace, Ring | Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch | Sam Edelman Pax Ankle Boots

Jun 22, 2012

Summer Must-Have #2 : The Beach Tote

Happy summer shopping! It's Jessie from and I'm back to share my next must-have essential, the bag. And it's not just any bag, it's a tote. It's one budget buy you'll have for a long time. Use it for errands, a few groceries, for the gym, to the beach, to hold magazines, whatever your fashionable heart desires.
Totes come in so many styles. Grab a funky pattern and look trendy. Or opt for a bag with a fun saying if your style is a little quirky. Or try a plain tote (so timeless!) and get it personalized. You will not regret this purchase and you'll likely make onlookers pretty jealous. What, it's not your fault you're so chic and savvy. 
My personal favorite is under $15.00 and it's reversible! I can change my mood and still use the same bag!
Hope you like my picks for this summer essential. Stop by Trend Hungry to see what Natalie's picks are for this summertime staple!

Jun 21, 2012

to a quarter century of me

today is my birthday! i love my birthday, it reminds me of how many amazing people who i am so blessed to have in my life and how thankful i am for having them.  this past year has brought me so many great things, i had a blast this weekend celebrating it all, and i can't wait to see what the next year has to bring me. 

thank you to all who read our little blog that we love oh so much.  today, i am also thankful for you!  

& be sure to enter our giveaway because today's the last day to enter.  winners will be announced tomorrow (spoiler alert: along with another giveaway)!

in the mean time, i'll be spending the day with erika :) 

xx n

Jun 18, 2012

eyewear by firmo

DSC_0260 DSC_0256 DSC_0275 DSC_0257
who would have thought this was the look i would want to go for one day? the oversized, square framed, steve urkel glasses look that is. you know, the one that screams hell yes i'm that confident that i'm going to wear huge glasses that i don't actually need and probably accentuate my big nose. my style however changes with the wind, so these trend trial periods i go through aren't typically when i spend the big bucks. which is why when reached out to me, i knew that my readers would love to learn of this seriously inexpensive eyewear brand. is an emerging global online optical store of prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses. they are committed to offering customers the best quality products at the most affordable prices, 85% - 90% lower than that in the brick and-mortar optical stores. this pair being only $25 dollars was a perfect price point for any case of fashion attention deficit disorder. their entire collection of eyewear ranges from as low as $8 to $70, and i'm all about those prices. so - it turns out they like you as much as i do and wanted me to give you a discount code for when you buy your own pair of glasses. use the code NATALIE30 to recieve 30% off of any eyewear purchase on until July 4th.

i would love to hear your thoughts on my new eyewear! i'm loving the two tone on them. i'm also thinking of getting another pair for the next time my disorder kicks in, which pair should i get? maybe these or these?

Thrifted / DIY cut tank | Forever21 Maxi Dress | B Makowsky Boots | Zara Messenger Bag | Vintage, South Moon Under, Stella & Dot Jewelry | Glasses c/o

Jun 15, 2012



very excited to share this with you. firstly, because it's our first time working with a professional artist. and secondly, because this means big things for this blog. photography just went up about a billion points around here.

this was our first shoot (of one of my favorite outfits) with our new photog. i can't wait to tell you more about him and to share the rest of the photos with you soon. my apologies to your eyes in advance for any posts that aren't photographed by Alex from here on out.


Photography by: Alexander Darvishian

Jun 14, 2012

Summer Must-Have #1: The Bathing Suit

Hey Fashionably Broke Beauties, I'm Jessie from and I too am on a budget, a very skinny budget. I'm also addicted to trends and want to have fun and try them out. So today I am sharing with you (my first of a three part series on Natalie and Erika's blog) my top pick of an item that's on every girl's list of summer essentials, the bathing suit. Fast fashion can add up in price so it's pretty important to make my purchases count, and my must-have bathing suit is retro! I'm talking about high-waisted bottoms. Marilyn Monroe rocked the look and she's remembered as a bombshell, so I'm taking this trend very seriously.


Why it's affordable? Because you don't have to buy a whole new swimsuit. All you need are the bottoms and you can use a bikini top you already own. Mix and match is on trend too. Use a fringe bikini top to make it boho or a bandeau to prevent some tan lines (p.s. being too tan is NOT on trend, tanaholics).

Looking for a pattern? This Asos floral print is under $24 and this Forever 21 bottom is under $13. If shiny and solid is more you, check this out for only $5.

Be sure to pop on by Trend Hungry today to see Natalie and Erika's summer must-have bathing suit pick. I'll be back next week to share my number two item on our summer must-haves list. See you then!

festival fashion

DSC_0250 DSC_0352 DSC_0270 DSC_0258 DSC_0275-1 DSC_0410 DSC_0468

and by 'festival fashion' i mean what i wore to the bull run wine festival, which is only my best friend and I's favorite day of the year, where what we wear is almost as important as what we drink. our festival fashion is very important to us on this day. it's really a free-for-all at festivals, to wear your most hippie-chic outfit and colorful jewelry (or sundress and jack rogers, if you're the masses). we wore rompers, we sat indian style and ate corn dogs, and we briefly had panic attacks when i lost my phone in a field. all typical of your casual, drunken wine festival, better known by its technical term - 'adult power hour for wine-o's.'

DSC_0282 DSC_0366

isn't she cute? by the way kendall, you're hired.

for more festival fashion inspiration from moi, visit here, here, and here.

Kimchi Blue Romper (love this one)| Loft White Button-Down | Vince Camuto Braden High Heel Boots | Zara Messenger Bag | Stella & Dot, Tinn Lily, She's Unique, Vintage Jewelry


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Jun 13, 2012

FREE SH*T! [ à la giveaway ]

Picture1 Picture2
that's really what a giveaway is, right? free shit. and who doesn't love free shit? and as you may have obviously noticed, we preach that accessories are a key player in the game of style. so, in an effort to force this belief upon our readers, we have teamed up with two of our favorite designers to giveaway two amazing accessories. you can enter to win one of these two prizes: The Lana Necklace in Neon from Christina M Boutique (seen here) or the Tangerine Clutch from Gigee Marie (seen here). the giveaway will end at midnight on monday the 18th when two lucky winners will win this free sh*t! so enter away and good luck! xx n&e

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Jun 11, 2012

sunset on a scarf print

the paisley scarf print on these pair of shorts was quite more appealing than the australian sizing on them. even though, i think i still want to go back to south moon under and get the matching top for a full length printed suit look, even if i have to buy a size 10 (eesh). but once again, i am quickly over it because i am lushing over this print. i paired them with neutrals, to avoid looking like halloween. and yes, i'm wearing cable knit in the summer, but it's holey and a medium and slouchy so i love it. this is how i envision myself looking on my best days.

ps. do you love my clutch? wait until you see the inside, it's gorgeous. which will be tomorrow, because i have paired up with the amazing designer and we are giving away one of her handmade clutches to one of my favorite people (you).

pps. my top was on sale for $14.95 and the shorts $29.95. this is how we shop!

DSC_0509 DSC_0540 DSC_0587 DSC_0574 DSC_0605

Loft Cable Knit Sweater | Glamorous Medallion Shorts | c/o Gigee Marie Clutch | Bakers Heels | Stella & Dot, c/o Christina M Boutique Bracelets

blogger blitz dc

Erin's vintage Chanel's + Ashley's super cute iPhone "case"
 Meaghan + ErinAshlyn
 Blogger Blitz Venue


this was our first Blogger Blitz and the first blogger event we actually attended together as a the blogging duo that we claim to be.  this was however not our first brunch.  because a. we live in dc, where brunching is practically considered an art, and b. because it's a great reason to get noticeably drunk on a sunday.  hence, the runner up for the name of this blog post was "blitzed at the blitz."  clever right? erika comes up with some good shit when she's six mimosas deep.  (we are great brunchers.)  anyways, i'm sure that the bottomless mimosas deal steal at Local 16 prior to the party may have contributed to the amount fun we had, but really, Alison of Long Distance Loving did a wonderful job hosting a fab dc event.  

click here to see the rest of our pictures from the event

& make sure you didn't miss what we wore & check out the full outfit details here

to everyone we met at the event - you're awesome and we love you! xx n&e

Jun 7, 2012