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look good, feel good

graphic sweatshirt graphic sweatshirt graphic sweatshirt graphic sweatshirt DSC_1049 DSC_1028 DSC_1074 I'm back in action today at work after hurricane Sandy blew through and I just heard that we have power again at our house, whoohoo! it was a crazy past few days, and we hope all of our friends along the east coast are safe and dry. and most importantly, we wish the best for those who experienced any serious damage. it's until terrible things like this happen when we realize how many things we take for granted, like light? and wi-fi. so our hearts go out to those who experienced it even worse than we did. now, on to the post... last week I had the pleasure to work with an online boutique, Miinto.com, on a post that I'm sure many of us can relate to: "how to control your urge to buy the whole store." I'm excited to say that I was able to collaborate a bit more with them by actually using their services by purchasing items from a few of the boutiques they work with. both boutiques are located out of state from where i am, one in NY and one in TN, so it's cool that I was able to shop them both online, from the same place. I was more than pleased what showed up on my doorstep (for free i might add! when is free shipping going to become the norm, people? i mean, it's 2012...). I picked up a leather wrap bracelet (a great foundation piece for any arm party) and the ever-trending graphic sweatshirt. not only do I love, relate to, and fully support the saying on this one, "look good, feel good," but I just love how versatile graphic sweatshirts are in general. you can dress them up or down and they are sure to add a bit of personal touch and character to your look. D.brand Graphic Sweatshirt c/o Miinto | Ruehl Jeans (DIY cuffed) | H&M White Tee | Firmoo Glasses | Shoe Dazzle Shoes | A'Muse Me Boutique Wrap Bracelet, Christina M Boutique Emily Bracelet c/o, Madewell Arrow Bracelet (how adorable is the matching necklace?), Stella & Dot 'Love' Bracelet | Zara Messenger Bag

Oct 31, 2012

goodwill fashion


"finding Nicole Miller pumps for $20 at Goodwill totally sucks," said by no one ever.

which leads me to my next point, everyone meet my newest DC Goodwill find from their fashion show gala a few weeks ago - a pair of almost new, black and white, Nicole Miller pumps in my size. i'm excited to share the rest of the outfit and how i styled them with you tomorrow.

for now, i would love it if you checked out my Favorite Fall Trends feature on DailyBuzz Style 9X9 today, along with 8 other fabulous bloggers here. what do you think of my look?

ps - a few, fun changes will be taking place around here within the next few days, so be sure to check back in for updates!

xx, N

Oct 25, 2012

my spike headband

DSC_0531 DSC_0534 DSC_0528 DSC_0519

i've been dying to wear my new spike headband. before this, the only action it got was when i refused to take it off in the store prior to actually paying for it. and remember when i turned a skirt into a dress? well, dresses are pretty awesome in that they can work both ways too. here, i layered on a tee over this peplum dress and viola - a peplum skirt appears! i'm already thinking of countless ways i can get use of out summer dresses in the winter, like an oversized knit sweater belted over a sequined dress or a crop top over sleeveless maxi. so, that's my little lesson for the day in dual purpose clothing. happy monday!
ps - i'm still listening to this song...

H&M Peplum Dress | Cropped Tee (old, via Urban Outfitters) | JouJou Leather Moto Jacket (similar) |
Steve Madden Leather Booties | Big Buddha Taylor Bag | BCBG Max Azria Spike Headband


Oct 22, 2012

closet organization


my closet is probably the most sacred place in my home. let's just say - whenever my boyfriend needs me, he knows where to find me. and when it's not organized to my likings, my whole life feels off balance. does anyone else get that feeling too? my boyfriend and i are moving into a bigger place in January, so naturally the first thing that comes to mind is 'how am i going to organize my new closet(s)?'

after a lot of research (pinning) and scheduling a time for two of my good (very kind and patient) friends Ashley & Morgan to come over and help me, i've come up with some ideas for my next closet organizing adventure. clearly, this (above) is not an option at the moment, for neither me or my pups, unless i can convince my AMAZING boyfriend (shameless sucking up happening here) to let me turn the spare bedroom into a closet, here's what i'm going to do:


shoes & accessories are getting a bit out of hand as well,
so here's a few great organizing ideas i've found and will be using


any other fabulous closet organizing tips you may have for me, please share!

xx N

images via 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Oct 19, 2012

a tiny bit of leather skirt

DSC_05122 DSC_0489 DSC_04912 DSC_0538 my favorite things currently - leather detailing, pleats, studs and spikes. and a little bit of everything combined into one outfit, makes me super happy. you know what else makes me super happy? when Shoe Dazzle decides to replicate my favorite Valentino studded pumps and only makes me pay $39.95 for them. i was so ready to for a new pair of studded pumps, since my Sam Edelman ones have been through the ringer. get ready Valentino knock-offs... Military Green Tank (old) via Urban Outfitters | JouJou Leather Moto Jacket (similar) | Mossimo Pleated Skirt via Target | Shoe Dazzle Erin Pump | Stella & Dot Necklaces (email me to order!)|
Vintage Chanel Purse side note | please check out the uber trendy skirt situation going on at Target right now

Oct 16, 2012


From Michelle Williams’ sleek gold buckle bracelet at the premiere of My Week with Marilyn to Heidi Klum’s exotic snake cuff at her perfume launch, celebrities are really embracing the bracelet. Steal Michelle’s metal look with gold and silver bracelets at Pandora Jewelery. Go with colorful and chunky bracelets like Blake Lively did at her MoMA film benefit and Kate Middelton did on a recent outing. Chunky, wide bracelets, like hers, can really make an evening dress pop! Bracelets can go from casual to evening. Jessica Alba wore a wide nude cuff to go with a nude lace dress at a charity event. Wear a matching bracelet with a simple shift as Kate Bosworth did for a private dinner. An elegant black hook and eye bracelet from Pandora wakes up a simple black gown. And, gold goes well with everything from bold animal prints to simple shifts!

Bracelets can really make an outfit and today’s celebrities are making use of one of the world’s oldest accessories. Accessories are back. Adornment is at an all-time high. Celebrities such as Michelle Williams are padding their accessory arsenal with bracelets of every color and style. Zoe Kravitz broke the mould with a wide metal cuff worn with a laser cut leather dress. Charlize Theron adds sparkle with diamond look cuffs.

Charm bracelets are making a comeback as well. Combine different stones with an elegant metal chain or cuff. Pandora charm bracelets come in sterling silver, 14 karat gold, leather and textiles. Pandora has a special feature where you can create your own charm bracelet. Select a bracelet and select each charm. You can add as many or as few as you like. Celebrities sporting charm bracelets include Leighton Meester, Blake Lively and Angelina Jolie.

Make the most of the bracelet trend this year and stock up on bracelets for every outfit and occasion. Stack slender metal and leather bracelets and chunky cuffs. Buy a charm to match every colour in your wardrobe. Today’s styles combine colour and charm to lend elegance to every outfit. Pandora has every style you need this year.

This post has been brought to you by Pandora.net

Disclosure:While Fashionably Broke did recieve compensation for this post in the form of product, we promise to only promote products/brands that we truly believe to our readers.

Oct 9, 2012

how to: control your urge to buy the whole store

Do you get excited when it's time to spruce up your wardrobe for the season? Don't you love hitting the stores to snag the latest fashions? If so, you probably notice your bank account taking a huge hit time and again. And that's really what our blog is all about, right? So, how do you avoid buying the whole store when you go shopping? This is definitely tricky when you see that big sale sign or some must-have accessories - but it is possible. Follow these tips and your wallet will thank you!

1. Check Your Wardrobe
Before you hit the mall or your favorite store, go through your complete wardrobe to see what you already own. If you have trouble limiting your spending you may be one of those people with two (or three!) of everything. There's no need to make an inventory but get an idea of what you already own so you don't buy something that's practically the same when you go out shopping.

2. Look for Fashion Staples in Your Wardrobe
If you love to follow the latest trends, try looking through your wardrobe for staples that can be transformed. Sleek black dresses never go out of style but you can add a trendy shoe, belt or hat to give it a fresh look.

3. Don't Spend too Much Time Browsing
Try to limit the amount of time you spend browsing through your favorite store or mall. You'll only find must-haves that you can't pass up. Try stopping by the bookstore instead or get a cup of coffee.

4. Buy Convertible Clothes
Rather than buying everything you see, try focusing on a few pieces that convert to many styles. Some convertible dresses, for example, can be worn 14 different ways for a new look every night! American Apparel also makes an awesome circle scarf for men and women that transforms from a simple scarf to a tunic dress and more.

5. Focus on Accessories
If you simply must go shopping, try focusing on just a few accessories to remake what you already have at home. Whether it's a trendy new pair of fall boots or a pair of earrings, accessories have the ability to completely transform an otherwise basic outfit. And you know how we feel about accessorizing over here...

6. Recognize Emotional Spending
Do you go shopping when you're upset, sad or stressed out? Don't! Only go shopping during a so-called 'emotionally neutral' time when you won't be tempted to overspend to brighten your mood. We tend to often engage in retail therapy but the rush of euphoria can quickly be replaced by guilt when you get everything home.

7. Don't Go Overboard on Trends
While it's fine to follow fashion trends, don't go overboard and spend a lot of money on trendy clothes that you won't be wearing next year. Instead, choose a few pieces to enjoy for the season.

8. Shop with Cash
Finally, leave your credit cards at home and go shopping with a budget in mind. When you shop with only the cash in your pocket, you're less likely to give in to those spur-of-the-moment buys at the store. If you see something you really think you need, try the 24-hour rule as well. Leave that killer top or watch at the store, go home and think about it for a full day. Sometimes this cool-off period helps you drop that habit to buy everything you love and decide what you really want to spend the money to own.

This article is brought to you by Miinto.com, your favorite fashion shop to find the best products from all your favorite local boutique shops. Miinto.com carries brands like 7FAM, Elizabeth and James, Vince Camuto and so many more. You can use the coupon code “10off” upon checkout to save 10% on any item up until the 12th of October.

Disclosure: While Fashionably Broke did recieve compensation for this post in the form of product, we promise to only promote products/brands that we truly believe to our readers.

Oct 5, 2012

What To Wear To A Winery

What to Wear to a Winery:
1. Dress in layers because tasting rooms are kept cold
2. Wear pracitcal shoes for walking on rough terrain
Flat boots are a great way to stay comfortable and fashionable at the same time
3. Dress in darker colors, like burgundy, brown, black or gray to avoid stains from red wine splashes.
How perfect are these wine colored leggings by Karen Kane
4. Carry a large handbag for sunglasses, a jacket, your camera, snacks, lipstick (because you will need to re-apply like ten times), and whatever else you will need for a full day at the winery

DSC_0560 DSC_0556 DSC_0593 DSC_0567 DSC_0558 DSC_0541

T by Alexander Wang Tank | GAP Moto Jacket | Karen Kane Knit Leggings c/o | Steve Madden Boots | Big Buddha Bag (any large bag will do) | Vince Camuto Sunglasses

and lastly, don't forget your puppy! most wineries are dog friendly :)


my look is compiled of basic pieces, that anyone can easily recreate.
below, i even created another wine tasting outfit, following my own four simple rules.


Wallis Blazer | Old Nay Rockstar Skinny Jeans | H&M Tank | ASOS Tote Bag | Steve Madden Boots

you can check out the full article i did on 'What to Wear to a Wine Tasting' for DC Wine Week on their website

Oct 4, 2012