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Between our passion for music and this blog, electronics are also a big part of our lives, and our style. my newest tech friendly accessory is the I’m Watch. I'm Watch is the first smartwatch that utilizes Bluetooth technology to connect to iPhone and Android-based smartphones to make calls and send text messages, e-mails, notifications, music, agendas, pictures and other apps directly to your wrist. It's ergonomically designed and has amazing features, like an extra-high resoluton, HD touchscreen. And it's like - best idea ever.

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If you're like us, then you're totally tech obsessed and have a mild panic attack every day around 5 PM when your iPhone dies and you still have to make it through the rest of the night. So, if you are like us, then you will love this watch. My I'm smartwatch is now my back-up phone; it's battery life lasts two days (insane). And not only is it useful, but it's fashionable too (hello!). Let's be honest for a second - we usually wear watches as an acessory (I can check the time on my phone, thank you). But this is a watch that you not only buy and wear because of your superb fashion sense, but because it's actually useful too. The design is super cute and comes in three different collections to choose from (loving the options); The Color Collection - which comes in eight different colors, the Tech Collection - a collection that includes I’m Tech Titanium and I’m Tech Carbonium, and the Jewel Collection - my favorite, which includes gold and silver and diamond detailing.

Which is your favorite? Would you wear it for work or play - or both?
Currently, we are loving it for life in general!

Want to know more about the I'm Watch? See below! Or visit their website here!


I’m, the Italian company that designed and launched the world’s first real smartwatch in 2012 premiered the launched of the new version of I’m Watch at the world’s most important event dedicated to technology, electronics, design and innovation; the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), held in Las Vegas on Tuesday January 8, 2013.

This is a sponsored post, but as always, the views expressed are all of our own.

Jan 25, 2013


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  2. This watch is a stylish savior to previous digital watches out there.

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