September 16, 2013

Kitchen Remodel: Delta Touch Faucet

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Our new faucet is installed and our kitchen remodel is finally coming together. I can already tell that the Delta Trinsic faucet will be the perfect finishing touch to our favorite room in the house. Our faucet before was super cool, don’t get me wrong, but it just felt a bit industrial when I really wanted a more sleek and contemporary look and feel in our kitchen. Other elements of our kitchen remodel included a black and white runner and yellow accents. The style and chrome finish of the faucet complement the entire space. Check out the before and after and let me know what you think!




Besides the design element, this faucet comes fully equipped with the Delta Touch2O technology, which has completely improved the functionality of our kitchen. I loved cooking in our kitchen before and now it’s only better. A simple tap anywhere on the faucet turns it off and on (even a light tap will do the trick) and it really makes for an easier, and less messy, cooking experience. I also love how you can select which stream you want and leave it on that setting. I more of a spray mode type and I like that I don’t have to hold down an extra handle to use it. Another feature that I love about this faucet is the magnetic spray head dock. My plumber pointed out to me that most kitchen faucets that have an extendable spray head start to get loose over time, but the magnetic feature on this one will make sure that never happens. Next up: Backsplash!





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Love the faucet! We're starting our kitchen remodel and I can't wait to start picking out all of the little details. Now if only I could get my hubs to change his mind and go with white cabinets 🙁