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The Nineties Called

I always say, fashion is a circle. Not only does this lead to (sometimes) clothes hoarding but to the re-exploring of favorite trends from the past. Crop tops are the new chambray. Leather is better than ever. There are more trends already hanging in your closet since... ever. Reliving the 90's is going to be a great time in our fashion lives, Generation Y. And if you don't feel like baring your midriff quite just yet, at the risk of feeling a little too "Cher," there's plenty more where that came from. Try a plaid skirt, or tie some large shirt around your waist, or simply a tee shirt with a picture of Cher on it. It's even acceptable to bust out the Adidas or Birkenstocks. Either way, just please fully embrace your high school years while you have the chance. We are!

DSC_1407 DSC_1388 DSC_1438 DSC_1429 DSC_1399

SHIRT: Forever21, BLAZER: Forever21 (love this one)
SHORTS: Forever21, SHOES: Forever21
PURSE: Milly, SUNGLASSES: Ray Ban, NECKLACE: Vince Camuto

Update: The winners from our T.J.Maxx and HomeGoods are Mina Choi and Teresa Santellano! Thanks to all who entered! xx

Sep 19, 2013


  1. Love this pop of yellow! And the Forever21 takedown -- need to snap up some affordable picks soon!

    xo, Liz
    {What Dress Code?}

  2. For the love of forever 21! I am definitely soaking up the nineties moment, raiding my moms closet has never been more fruitful!
    applewood road

  3. Seriously? You just made me hide my eyes because I'm too afriad to pull off the crop top trend. And now, I've officially been converted - OKAY you two ;)

    Love this look, that blazer is phenom. xo

  4. Before I even read the post, I saw the pictures and as soon as I hit the one with the blazer wrapped around the waist I felt at home. Love that you pulled this off in such a chic way.

  5. You look so stunning in yellow! Love!