October 21, 2013

Sneaker Style

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I truly love when fashion and comfort collide. To the girls who wore Nike sneakers to fashion week this fall: You are my new bff’s. I’ve been waiting for the day when the sporty, sneaker trend would come full force and I think that time is finally here. And, even if it’s not, and I just look like that girl who just got off of the metro and her heels are in her bag (which, I’m so not that girl), I’m just going to embrace it. Because I’m (maybe) going to wear my cute, sporty, fashionable, Nike sneakers with everything.

nike sneaker style trend

nike sneaker style trend

nike sneaker style trend

nike sneaker style trend

nike sneaker style trend

All photos by Katya

SHIRT: Forever21, PANTS: Forever21

SHOES: Nike via TJMaxx c/o, Coat: ASOS c/o

NECKLACE: Stella & Dot, CLUTCH: American Apparel

SUNGLASSES: Krewe du optic c/o

P.S. The winner to our Aquaphor Giveaway is Sarita Williams! Thank you to all who entered 🙂


Coming from a gym rat who is a fashionista at heart, I LOVE this look. Thank you for putting such a trending outfit together. So often I have plans post gym and this is such a transitional look without looking sloppy but still offering comfort and style for my tired body 🙂

Niki V.

I'm all for pairing sneakers with a stylish top. Great look, Natalie!

Also, thanks for the win!!

Sarita W.

I've been rocking sneakers since middle school! As much as I love heels I also love giving my legs a rest every now and then and I have more than enough kicks to keep my feet entertained.


Love that jacket!! I can rock a sneaker as long as it's a super fashionable one… I have a pair of black Pumas with a silver Puma cat and rhinestones… deff my style 🙂