October 1, 2013

Steve Madden x Keyshia Cole

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Steve Madden, Keyshia Cole, Pentagon City, Mall, Collaboration

Steve Madden, Keyshia Cole, Pentagon City, Mall, Collaboration

Steve Madden, Keyshia Cole, Pentagon City, Mall, Collaboration

We love a good collaboration, most recently the one between platinum recording artist, Keyshia Cole, and the shoe designing powerhouse, Steve Madden. Together the two paired up to create a special collection of edgy and stylish heels and boots that really showcase both partner’s style. Erika and I couldn’t get enough of the Diva – We each have a pair on the way!

As the first stop on her tour in celebration of the capsule collection, Keyshia Cole came to Pentagon City Mall on September 19th, where she greeted her fans and spoke about the collection. I had the chance to sit down with her, before she faced the crowds, to ask her a few questions. Keyshia was so nice and down to earth, I had a great time hanging out with her backstage. Be sure to check out what she had to say below.

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Keyshia Cole, Steve Madden, Pentagon City Mall

Keyshia Cole, Steve Madden, Pentagon City Mall

Keyshia Cole, Steve Madden, Pentagon City Mall, Interview, Blog, Blogger, Collaboration

How would you describe your own personal style?

It really depends on how I feel. Some days I like to dress down and other days I feel colorful and like to really dress it up. Today, I wanted to wear these shoes with something funky and flavorful, like this blazer that a new designer made for me.

What is your favorite shoe from the collection?

I have a few. The Diva is really gorgeous. The Suppa, I’ve worn for a few of my shows already and the Dare, especially the pink pair. I love pink.

What inspired you for this collection specifically?

I love color. I really wanted to stress to Steve and the team that I wanted a lot of color in the line and they definitely delivered.

I heard that you were really involved in the design process. Can you talk a little bit about how that was for you?

I loved it, but I can’t take all of the credit. They are so amazing at what they do already and I just tried to listen and learn as much as possible. But, of course, they really listened to what I liked and my feedback too, it was a great collaboration.

You just came off of your Woman To Woman tour, do you go right back to work or do you take some time off?

We just shot another video and released a new single that’s been No. 1 Most Added. And I’m definitely already working on the next album.

What are your thoughts on flats?

Ever since I had my son, I’ve definitely been in flats more. It was about the eighth month during my pregnancy that I realized the shoes I was wearing weren’t practical anymore. Now, I may even be too comfortable in my flats. But, a lot of girls ask me if I plan to design a wedge or a flat so that may be something I want to explore next.

What artists are you currently in to?

I really want to collaborate with Kendric Lamar. I love everything that he’s doing.

Is there anything else you want our readers to know about this line?

This was a really fun time for me, collaborating with Steve and the team. I love the designs that we came up with. I’m so excited and just hope that everyone loves them!

Note From Your Editor: Thank you to Keyshia Cole, her team, the Steve Madden Team, Pentagon City Mall, and all of YOU who read this blog, for making this exciting opportunity happen!