A Year In Review - The Fashionably Broke

A Year In Review

We loooooove being able to go back and relive the outfits we wore and what we were doing when we were wearing them, thanks to this blog (and YOU for following along and encouraging us to keep posting!). So here are a few of our favorites from 2013, in no particular order, that we hope you enjoyed as much as we did. Expect many more to come this year! Also at the end of this post, we address the style resolutions we made in January of 2013 - Check out how we did! Happy New Year, guys. We think it's gonna be a great one!

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2013 STYLE RESOLUTIONS - The Verdict is...

SPLURGE ON BASICS - A nude, Brian Atwood pump should do the trick
BUY MORE BASICS - Lots of designer tee shirts were bought
STEAL ON TRENDS - Hello, Spring Trends with Marshalls!
USE OUR HANGERS - We swear our rooms are clean...
BUY MORE BLAZERS - We have over 20 now, success!
COLLECT BLACK BOOTS - A whopping total of 22 between the two of us
SHOP IN PERSON - We visit Nordstrom (in person) quite often
APPRECIATE BAGGY - We loved boyfriend jeans and palazzo pants this year
WEAR LIPSTICK DAILY - Pink and nude seem to be favorites
ROCK MESSY BRAIDS - I don't think we did enough of this sadly
TRY NEW COLORS - We consider anything outside of black and white a win

What are your style resolutions this year? We'd love to hear them! xx

Jan 1, 2014


  1. Lots of great outfits!!! XO :)))

  2. Love your girls style! We were also loving boyfriend jeans and agree - anything not black, white or grey is a "new" color, lol! xo Brooke & Meggan