January 12, 2014

Morning Routine

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The softest face towels


Clearasil Daily Clear Superfuit line


Essentials: Make-up brushes, perfume and lipstick


A pretty basket I found used to store our hair styling tools

DSC_2009 3

My favorite, the Clearasil Refreshing Scrub


My beloved hair product shelf

If I could be anything, I would be a morning person. It’s such a struggle every morning, the getting out from under my soft sheets, the trying to make a pot of coffee with one eye shut, and even putting on a pair of heels before noon feels like the death of me. But it’s January, it’s a new year and I’ve set some new goals. Just like I’m tricking myself in to believing that I love working out (I’ve actually really been enjoying it), I am trying to teach myself to love my mornings too. So, I’ve teamed up with Clearasil to share how I plan to #WinTheDay.

A few things have helped me feel ready to take on the day. First, an organized space. When everything has a place, it requires less work for me trying to find them, so I love that. Second, having a pretty space that I enjoy being is important. I spend the most of my morning in my bathroom, so things like my new towel set are really making my happy these days. Next, we’re painting the walls a beautiful shade of navy to match. I can’t wait! I’ve also been using the Clearasil Daily Clear line and the Refreshing Superfruit Scrub has been just what I’ve need to wake up. It makes me feel good when I’m taking care of myself, even with something so simple as a good skin care regime, and that’s enough to make me feel energized and ready take on the day. You can try the scrub too using this free mail-in rebate!

How do you #WinTheDay? I’d love to know!

Disclosure: This post is brought to you in collaboration with Clearasil and Refinery29.