February 4, 2014

January 2014

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Time seems to fly even faster every year. So, as we enter another month I want to make sure that I take the time to remember the last. I post on Instagram pretty regulary, it’s almost become like a secondary diary to this blog, where I can get a little bit more personal. Looking back at our feed, from the past 31 days, here are some of my favorite moments in time.

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Our first, big project of the year was shooting the #WeShopStyle campaign for PopSugar and ShopStyle where we gained a whole new appreciation for models (it was hard!).

The perfect boho, cardigan arrived from Free People. I’m telling ya, it’s one of my favorite things to date.

I discovered I like Kale and honestly I can’t believe how long I went without knowing it. I promised myself I would feed my body better this year and have been off to a pretty good start. This salad has been my go-to lunch lately; Kale and spinach with strawberries, avocado and goat cheese crumbles, beyond yum!

Erika found a new favorite place to shop, zeroUV. Their online store has so many cute sunglasses and they are all under $20. I mean, you can get a pair on sale as low as $6.95, what more do you want? These flip-ups were too fun not to get.

Remembering that time that I had a REALLY good day at DSW. It was one of those times where everything I wanted came in my size and/or was on clearance, perfect bliss really. These and their strappy goodness obviously had to come home with me and you guys seemed to agree.

My pick from zeroUV was a dainty pair with oversized, round frames. They look designer, making it that much sweeter that I got them for $9.95.

My new found love of wardrobe staples has been in full effect. Skinny, flare jeans (if you don’t get how that makes any sense, skinny and flare, I’ll show you soon) and a black and white, striped tee go a long way. This picture was taken in a Nordstrom fitting room, where you can find the best basics, we think.

Finding new favorite hair products is one of those things that keeps me sane in life. Drybar Dry Shampoo is awesome. It smells so good and they offer a blonde and brunette version so you don’t have to worry about it looking like you got “floured.” I also am loving Unite’s Thickening Paste. It really gives your hair that extra umph and who doesn’t want their hair to look thicker, no one.

The Fashionably Broke is getting a new couch! If you don’t recognize the store pictured here, we found our new baby at West Elm. I’m really pleased with the color choice we made too. Can’t wait for it to arrive in…oh, just 8 weeks. Cheers to couch-less February and most of March to us!