April 1, 2014

festival girl

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Free People Vintage Tube Romper c/o, Free People Bracelets c/o, AEO Backpack c/o,

Converse Shoes, RayBan Sunglasses

Coachella is right around the corner and we’re going to be in full festival mode until then, sorry not sorry! Festival Fashion is its own genre, let’s be serious, and we are prepared to embrace it full force. When we think “festival fashion” we think many things; wild, free, sexy, breezy, comfortable, to name a few. So, we head to Free People, because we are free people. Free people that are about to fly to the other side of the country to dance around in the desert for three days and pray that we don’t loose a shoe or our minds because it’s going to be THAT good. And also because they have so many potential festival outfit options that it even has its own category on their website (where everything is cute and makes me not want to wash my hair for a week). Erika kills it in a romper, so this printed frock was a no-brainer.


this is really cute! hope you ladies have a blast!