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Summer Registry Gifts with Target

I love coordinating gifts! Whether if it's by color or theme, I like to find an array (I love that word) of gifts that all match and compliment each other. Being that it's June and wedding season is in full force, I wanted to share a few, fun ideas of wedding "packages" that you can easily create at one of my favorite stores, Target. Walking down the appliance isle, I saw your usual suspects; toasters, waffle irons and pots and pans. Then I spotted the SodaStream and immediately thought of all of the fun, carbonated drinks/cocktails, that you could make with a SodaStream this Summer.

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Target is the best because you can't leave there with just one thing (you know you have this problem too). So, if you're going to get the SodaStream, you better to get the whole experience to go with it! Target's Wedding theme is "Be Yourself, Together," which celebrates the unique qualities each individual brings to a relationship that, when combined, result in something beautiful; something that I can totally get on board with. Below are just a few of the fun finds I found (try saying that three times fast) in the aisles at Target that would go well together for a newlywed couple, specifically one who likes to entertain.

With the SodaStream, I would throw in a few SodaStream flavors, colorful straws, drinking glasses, string lights, outdoor table clothes and napkins, a drink dispenser and and a drink dispenser. Those little touches are what make the gift so special and show your friends how you envision them using the new gift that you got them. Plus, in this case, it will hopefully prompt them to have a super fun party that you will get invited to! :)

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Jun 30, 2014

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