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To me, summertime is the best time for some DIY. Whether from sea shells at the beach, or bright colors from your garden, there’s inspiration everywhere and my creative juices are flowin’. As you know, we love us some Sauza and when we saw their latest YouTube video, “Make it With A Cowboy,” we were inspired to do a little DIY of our own. What better way to get into the summer state of mind then over a fresh, Sauza-rita and a little DIY? Below are a few basic steps to turn an old pair of jeans into your own DIY shorts (“jorts”). But, if crafting isn’t your thing, you can scroll all the way to the bottom of the post to watch the video I was telling you about. It stars a hunky cowboy who makes his own pair of jorts, whoohoo! Also, I have a few more of the best Summer DIY’s I’ve found, so be sure to check those out too (you can find my complete list on Pinterest)!

How To: DIY Denim Shorts

What you’ll need: jeans, scissors, tape and a (not pictured yet) fork

Lay your jeans out flat, matching up the seams, and place a piece of tape across each leg. The tape will be your cutting guide.

Make sure when you’re measuring, you decide if you want the top of the tape or the bottom of the tape to be your cut line. Otherwise, you might accidentally shave off an extra inch!

I’m a huge fan of the boyfriend trend, so I decided to keep mine a little bit on the longer side and make a pair of boyfriend shorts. These same instructions will work for a shorter pair though.

Using a fork, scrape downwards, against the seam to create a more distressed hem line.

My shorts already had a light distressing, so I just roughened them up in those pre-distressed spots with the fork.

Voila! My new distressed, DIY, boyfriend shorts. What do you think?

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Ever think you could make jorts with a cowboy? Here’s your chance to meet a man who crafts his heart out. Okay, so maybe he’s not the best DIY-er. But what he lacks in cutting skills, he more than makes up for when he makes the perfect Sauza-rita. Watch him in action for ideas for your next ladies’ night in:

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