Get The Look: Vol. 1 - The Fashionably Broke

Get The Look: Vol. 1

School Girl Prep

Featured: Splendid Tee, SEA Skirt, J.Crew Shoes, Stella McCartney Backpack, Topshop Unique Vest

While my style is pretty consistent day-to-day (loose fit, basics like tees and denim, lots of black, etc.), every so often a new "look" catches my eye that I want to work into my everyday style. I've been really into what I call the "school girl prep." The look starts with a pleated skirt, preferably plaid of course. The way to be sure that it stays chic and mature though is to use a rich color pallet, with deep reds, greens or navy blues. I love it paired with a backpack to play off of the trend even more.

Get The Look:

Oct 21, 2014

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