Erika and I are huge dog-lovers, to say the least.

There are SO many dogs who need homes and we’ve been asking ourselves lately, what can we do to help? Since we can’t adopt them all (which is a struggle in itself), we decided to reach out to one of the largest local organizations, the Washington Humane Society. They have been around for decades and give care to over 43,000 animals every year. It’s really amazing what they do, and we got to see it first-hand.

There are so many ways to help the WHS, such as through donations, volunteer programs, foster care. Since we’ve been able to connect this huge online network of amazing people and readers through our blog, we wanted to tap into that. So this past weekend, we took a visit to the WHS’s Georgia Avenue location to meet some of the pups for a TFB photo shoot (thanks to our photographer Brandi Krytusa). You might remember this Instagram sneak peek. We really wanted to get that intimate experience and share it with you, while personally introducing some of the great dogs that they currently have available for adoption.

I knew we would love working on this project, but I don’t think we realized how much it would mean to us. Even after spending just a few hours with these dogs, they each had such a huge impact on us. It’s so crazy, we haven’t stopped talking or thinking about them since. The Washington Humane Society team we worked with has been thanking us for doing this, but really I think we’re more grateful for them helping us make it happen. Of course, our goal is to get all four of these adorable guys adopted, but there are other ways that you can help us if you’re not looking for a furry friend at this time. We would love it for you to now join us in giving back to the WHS to say thanks for all that they do for these animals and our community.

Now, let’s meet the pups and be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of this post for the many different ways we’re asking for your help. We promise, we’ll pay you back somehow… 🙂

Clive, who is 3 years old, was rescued by WHS after he was found living outdoors in an unsanitary pen. He is goofy, mellow, and is great at learning tricks. Even though he is not a small dog, he loves to sit in your lap or curl up real close. He is a little fearful and would love a home with someone who could help him with his confidence. He also has an Instagram! I fell really hard for Clive’s sweet personality and good looks.

Adopt Clive Here!

Jam Master Jay is old school cool. At seven years old, he is a mellow guy and has excellent manners. He loves to play with stuffed toys. When JMJ goes on walks, he loves to explore and take in his surroundings. If you’re looking for a mellow guy who will go on walks with you and then hang out while you watch TV, read, or cook, then JMJ is the perfect dog for you. He was surrendered to WHS after his owner had to move out of state and could not take him along.

Adopt Jam Master Jay Here!

Roscoe, is 1 years old, was found abandoned and tied to a pole. WHS told us that when he first arrived he was really timid but quickly found his stride. He is confident, playful, social, and a LOT of fun! He gets along with other dogs and loves to wrestle or play tug. He’s also very smart and food motivated, so has been a rock star at learning “sit,” “down,” and “touch.” He would do best in an active home that could take him out on long walks or runs regularly. He is a “Hidden Gem” which mean his adoption fee is waived! You can also follow him on Instagram here!

Adopt Roscoe here!

Blitz is 10 months and was surrendered by owner who stated he did not have enough time to care for him. Blitz is a huge goofball and loves to play! He is in his puppy phase, so he is still working on manners, but he is very motivated by toys and treats, which makes him a perfect candidate for learning new commands. Blitz loves to play with other dogs and is very human-social. He would do best in a home that could regularly take him out on long walks or runs, and work on teaching him commands. His idea of heaven is a room full of tennis balls (if you couldn’t tell this already).

Note: Blitz is no longer available for adoption, but you can see all of his friends at!

Now’s where we ask each of you to see if there’s anything that you could do to contribute to this amazing cause and we’ve found a bunch of great options for you to choose from:

SHARE // Share this post post on Facebook or Twitter using the share buttons below

Donate // If all of you donated $5, imagine what we could do

Volunteer // Stop talking about it and sign up today

Attend Sugar & Champagne // We will be there, there will be champagne, doggies are welcome and all proceeds benefit WHS

SHOP // WHS has an Amazon Wishlist and, using our affiliate link, and are promising to donate all of proceeds from your purchases back to WHS

ADOPT or FOSTER! // There are plenty of dogs, cats, rabbits and more, all in need of a loving home.

Big thank yous to the Washington Humane Society and photographer Brandi Krytusa for helping us with this post!


This is awesome! Seriously, I just became a lifelong reader of your blog for this post alone. I can't adopt any of these furbabies at the moment because my dogs are a pretty strict "pack of two," but I really respect you guys for doing this and generating awareness.

Love this post! What a great way to help some amazing dogs find homes!