April 5, 2016

Mai Thai x Dirty Martini

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All photos by Sara

LOCATION: Georgetown

WEARING: ENGLISH FACTORY Dress | JEFFREY CAMPBELL Heels | DIOR Sunglasses (Budget Friendly Option)

I think everyone is in agreeance that if your hair looks good, you feel good. And for the days that you just don’t have the time or the energy to style your mane, we thankfully have Drybar. The 57th Drybar location recently opened in Tysons Corner and I was able to attend the grand opening on March 10th. Founder of Drybar, Alli Webb, was in attendance and I got the chance to chat with her a bit while getting my blow out. I got a mix of a Mai Thai and Dirty Martini from the Drybar menu

I first asked her how she came up with the idea. It seems like a no-brainer, and I would have totally respected a response such as, “because it’s amazing!” But I wanted to hear it straight from her. Alli said that she was a hair-dresser herself and didn’t always want to do her own hair (or have the time to do it). So Drybar is meant to be easily accessible for the woman on the go, but glamorous enough for special occasion hair as well. I then asked the blowout maven, what was next for DryBar (always trying to get the inside scoop)! She said that the Drybar product line makes up 25% of the business right now, so she is really focusing on that. I love the Mai Tai Spritzer Sea Salt Spray, and be sure to check out more of my favorite Drybar products below!

And the final question I asked, that I find myself asking every female entrepreneur ever since I decided become one myself (you can read more about that here), was how to you handle the work life balance? Alli has two sons and a husband and a booming business, so I was eager to know how she does it all. She said the most important thing is to surround yourself with good people. Having a strong support system is what makes everything go ’round.

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