April 30, 2017

6 Products I’m Loving This Spring

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After a few back-to-back trips, I was excited to have a weekend at home this weekend. I used the time to relax & just enjoy being home, but also to do some redecorating and organizing. I secretly love cleaning… I always have. I remember spending the weekends when I was a teenager cleaning my room and organizing my things. LOL – Who does that? It’s almost therapeutic to me! And it’s something that I don’t get to do as often as I’d like now because I’m so busy “adulting.”

We recently found two, new area rugs for our house, so this weekend I figured out where to put those, finally setup my printer (I feel very legit now, fyi), & went to my favorite plant shop in DC. Also, Erika came over on Saturday and helped me try out some new beauty products, including an activated charcoal mask that was so refreshing.

Seen above are a few other products that I’ve been loving lately that I wanted to share & I also thought it would be the perfect chance for us to open the floor to you as well and ask what products you’ve been loving lately. I can’t get enough of sharing beauty tips! I hope you all had a great weekend too!

6 Products I’m Loving This Spring:

1. Caudalie Premier Cru The Cream: This anti-aging cream feels so fresh and lightweight, probably because it’s free of all of those hard ingredients like parabens and sulfates. Making it one of my favorite skincare products this spring, it’s made up of grape seed polyphenols, filled with antioxidants that protect your skin against free radicals. The reviews are amazing, you can read more about it here. Overall, it’s a really amazing product to have in your beauty arsenal.

2. Quip Electric Toothbrush: My bathroom just got in instant upgrade with my new, stylish quip electric toothbrush. Available in three different styles, quip offers a sleek design and a high-quality product and leaves out all of those unnecessary and costly gimmicks. Quip also offers a subscription service so that you can have new brush heads automatically sent to you in the mail.

3. The Bouqs Co.: With Mother’s Day approaching, along with any other summer occasions you might have coming up, The Bouqs Co. is my favorite company to order and deliver fresh flowers from. The Bouqs Co. sources all of their products from local farmers and their bouquets are cut the day that you place your order for optimal freshness and minimal waste. (Did you know other flower companies waste 1 out of every 3 stems?) My favorite bouquet of the moment is the Cake ‘N Cream.

4. Marc Jacobs Gel Eyeliner: I think this eyeliner might be my favorite of all time. It’s gel based so it glides right on, perfect for your waterline. With over 20 different colors to choose from, in a rainbow of hues, you can step up your spring beauty routine with a simple flick of the wrist.

5. Kerstin Florian Clarifying Sorbier Cream: I don’t know about you, but my skin was feeling thirsty lately! I’ve been using this water-based, daily moisturizer from Kerstin Florian. Rich in vitamins C & E, this product is especially suitable for acne prone skin. Be sure to pair it with their Hyaluronic Serum for extra hydration.

6. e.l.f. Beautifully Bare Highlighting Dewy Drops: If you know me, you know that I highlight like it’s going out of style. Either way, now you know and you must meet my new favorite product! During the spring and summer I opt for a more lightweight and dewy look, so that’s why this creme highlighter sits at the top of my list for the best spring beauty buys. Plus, since it doesn’t require a brush to apply, it’s absolutely perfect for on-the-go and touch-ups (Hello, music festival season!).


I used to spend my weekends organizing my room too! 😂

I love your products! & you love cleaning? That's crazy!