June 2, 2017

Effortless French Girl Style, with an American Girl Twist

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Bonjour! As a first generation American to a French speaking dad and having never been to France, I’ll be the first to admit dreaming about roaming the streets of Paris, glass of wine in one hand, baguette in the other. I’ve been witness to it by way of my French heritage (mostly via my grandma), as well as through movies, magazines, street style photographs and even Instagram – French girls have their own effortless approach to style that I think makes us all envious. I attribute said envy to many things, but mainly because I’ve discovered that French style is cool, clean, comfortable, and totally achievable!

One of my current favorite brands is Avec Les Filles, the chic Parisian pieces make it easy to get that French girl style, with a true American girl twist. Classic silhouettes meet American ease through Avec Les Filles. “Avec Les Filles” translates to “with the girls” affirming the brands celebration of women everywhere and the personal style stories that we all want to tell. My story begins as a (half) French girl who’s always admired French style from afar. But it ends with discovering just how much “dressing like the French” works for me and why I’ve been so drawn to it.

As a style blogger, I am forced to pay attention to style and fashion constantly. In doing so, I’ve been able to uncover what I feel my best in and how to shop for it. Avec Les Filles is a brand that gets that and is why they seamlessly fit into my personal style journey (And I think they will for you too!). Scroll and discover my best tips for achieving that effortless French girl style in your daily wardrobe and see how I styled some of my new favorite pieces from Avec Les Filles (two ways!).


As women, we tend to wear many hats in life leaving little room for extra baggage. This is a lesson I find to be true in dressing. When in doubt, keep it simple.

A method I use to ensure my style remains laid-back chic, just how I like it, is I always take one thing off after I’m finished getting dressed and before I leave the house.

While it’s equally important to be armed with good accessories, like an exciting and edgy studded, mesh belt, keep your look to 1-2 main accessories maximum. I’m a firm believer that accessorizing is what will turn your outfit into a look.


When I first scrolled the pages of Avec Les Filles online I noticed how easily the pieces already work in my current wardrobe. As a lady on the go, I’m always looking for pieces that can create a variety or super versatile outfits, ones that I can easily transition from day-to-night. Just like throwing on an elusive third piece (like my amazing blazer seen here), takes my outfit to a whole new level of chic without sacrificing comfort or functionality.

A few key essentials I find every girl should have in their closet includes a pair of well-fitting denim, a few basic white tees, a little black dress, and high-waisted trousers.


French girls are known for doing lots and lots of walking. If you live in or near a city you probably do too and you know how important having the right walking outfit is. But don’t take me too literally – You want to be ready to walk, but not look like you’re worried about being uncomfortable and sacrificing your great style.

Flowy, light-weight pieces, like this pleated skirt, have great “walkability” and are the pieces you will gravitate towards most in your closet and they appear the most effortless. They’ll work well for both an impromptu walk to your best friend’s favorite cafe, or to enjoy a few pages out of your favorite book in the park. I’ve learned, you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort!


The appearance of looking undone alludes to a certain level of confidence. Embracing the wrinkles in your linen and silk pieces, not having perfectly combed hair, and flaunting unpainted nails might seem like fashion faux-pas but are all classic French girl moves to follow.


When the end of the day rolls around, jackets are easily slipped off and heels are replaced with cute flats for a more laid back vibe, revealing a crisp and classic white tee. That’s where great basics come in! They must hold up just as well as they do accompanied by other gorgeous pieces or as they do on their own. That’s why I love the one-shoulder detail on this one by Avec Les Filles. I also used this scarf from my bag to quickly through my hair up into the quintessential, French-style bun to rework my entire look.

Incorporating pieces that work well for any occasion that can be easily dressed both up or down is apparently not only on my mind, but Avec Les Filles’ as well. Keeping in true minimal French style, while adhering to the American girl’s lifestyle, subtle details like pleating, satin bows and frayed hems ensure that your style doesn’t get lost in translation.

Avec Les Filles pieces are ideal for the girl who wants to tell her own story by the clothes she wears, not let the clothes wear her. And, the entire collection is super affordable, making it a new go-to shopping destination of mine. I have a feeling they’re a brand to watch, to wear, to share and to love for years to come!

WEARING: Avec Les Filles Boyfriend Blazer (On sale), One-Shoulder Tee, Pleated Skirt, Satin Scarfrewa

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A special thanks to Avec Les Filles for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own.


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Très chic! Love the sunglasses too.