June 9, 2017


Beauty Skincare

I’ll never forget how healthy and happy both my hair and skin were during the summer I lived on the beach in The Outer Banks. Since then, I try every summer to recreate it sans salty water and sand. When you let nature take it’s course the results can be really beautiful.

To me, summer beauty is all about embracing your skin in it’s rawest form. Summertime never fails to bring a healthy glow to my skin, making it easy to follow in its lead – Forgoing mascara and letting my brows grow out a little longer and bushier. Skipping any heavy foundation and allowing my skin’s natural oil’s to do their thing.

In lieu of extra products means it’s the time to give your skin some extra TLC. Cue one of my favorite summertime beauty products, Caudalie’s new Vinoperfect Brightening Essence. When applied every night to clean skin, your skin is left looking and feeling brighter and plumper by morning! And, when combined with one of my other favorite Caudalie products, the Vinoperfect Radiance Serum, the two work together to fight pesky dark spots and leaving you feeling confident enough to reveal your summertime, “au naturel” look.

Caudalie, as a brand, is always innovating. Co-Founder, Matilda Thomas, discovered the natural benefits from using the vine and grapes from her husband’s winery in Bordeaux, France, and harnessed those natural powers in their celebrated line of skincare products. The Brightening Essence’s concentrated formula is made up of glycolic acid, white peony and grape water, which help illuminate the skin. The dewy, just-got-back-from-the-beach glow, the one that I pine for every day, is now trapped in a bottle and I love it!

I’ve listed these products, plus a few other of my favorites by Caudalie, like the Beauty Elixir, for you below! I like to carry the travel sized Beauty Elixir with me for a spritz or two throughout the day to refresh my make-up.

What are your favorite summer beauty products?


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Sounds like some great products! I'll have to try!