September 18, 2017

Beautycounter Skincare + Beauty

Beauty Makeup Skincare

Now that you’ve seen the goods, let’s take it from the top with Beautycounter. A brand that was brand new to me earlier this summer has quickly landed a spot in my top 5 favorite beauty and skincare brands. My friend Kristen introduced me to the brand, she’s actually a rep for them and thought I’d like to try it. And when she told me that he love for the brand stemmed from her mom being a cancer survivor who’s doctor declared that the type of cancer she had was due to environmental factors (not genetic) that she really had my attention. Full disclosure, I’m linking to her personal rep site throughout this post, so you’ll see her face pop-up when you click through any of them. She knows so much about the brand so do feel free to contact her with any of your questions!

So first and foremost, Beautycounter is all about safe beauty and so they have self-banned over 1500 toxic ingredients from personal care products like cosmetics, skincare and kids products. I’m sure I sound like a broken record, but your skin is your body’s largest organ and so not only do we have to pay attention to what we put in our bodies, but also what we put on it. Our skin is our body’s first line of defense in many ways, so you want to keep it in tip-top shape!

There are currently over 80,000 chemicals in the marketplace today in the U.S., many of which don’t even have safety data on them. I had no idea the number was that high. Beautycounter’s Founder developed the brand to help make safer products more accessible for everyone. So no more reading ingredients labels and googling 25-character long words that you can’t pronounce, with Beautycounter you know what you’re getting – Products that are safe to use on your skin.

Even though I’ve been using all six of these products all summer long, I almost instantly fell in love. I carry the Plumping Facial Mist with me everywhere for an instant refresh, the Balancing Charcoal Mask has worked wonders for my skin and the Lip Sheer’s are so deliciously smooth and hydrating that they’re almost addicting. I can’t get enough. And their newest product, Countermatch, is like nothing else I’ve seen on the market before. It’s a must-try with five-star reviews.

While leaving out many of the harsh ingredients that are commonly found in beauty products (Check out their Never List™ here!), they don’t compromise on quality or effectiveness. You can read more about my favorite products below and I’d love to know if you’ve tried Beautycounter products before so let me know in the comments below!

*New Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion: It’s called Adaptive Lotion because it’s actually created using Bio-Mimic technology to adapt to your skin by giving it exactly what it needs. Gotta love science!

Plumping Facial Mist: Beautycounter tapped into the benefits of peony root with this refreshing mist to plump up your skin while using rye seed to assist in minimizing the appearance of fine lines. I use this mist to set my make-up as well.

Protect Stick Sunscreen SPF 30 (Face): There’s no excuse to not apply sunscreen everyday with this easy stick applicator. Formulated with organic cocoa butter and non-nano zinc oxide, you get ultimate protection and a smooth and moisturizing finish.

Lip Sheer Lipstick: The Lip Sheers do go on sheer, so they’re great if you just want a natural looking lip but are also buildable. This lipstick is so moisturizing and lightweight. They’re also free of synthetic fragrances but are made with vanilla planifolia instead.

Balancing Facial Mask: I think we all know how amazing active charcoal is for your skin by now and it’s abilities to draw out impurities in your skin and minimize pores. This mask is also made with salicylic acid to stimulate exfoliation so it works wonders on oily skin.

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