September 21, 2017

Esmara by Heidi Klum x Lidl


I’ve been such a fan of Heidi Klum’s since her Project Runway days.  I remember I was in high school when the show debuted it’s first season and we watched it in my Fashion Merchandising class.  Nearly 15 years later, it’s an honor to me to be part of launching and celebrating Heidi Klum’s newest collection,  Esmara by Heidi Klum.

The collection theme is “Heidi And The City” and is exclusively available at Lidl, the popular German grocery store which just opened it’s first store in the US this summer (I can tell you, there’s many more to come!) and also has an exciting promotional section called ‘Lidl Surprises’ in the center of the store which carries anything from fitness to fashion, kitchenware to home improvement with offers changing from week to week.

The two brands coincide with their mission to offer quality products at low prices.  I was excited to be one of the firsts in the world to wear the collection, like this blazer ($19.99) featuring velvet piping and this leopard print scarf ($6.99) which are two of my favorite pieces from the line.

Heidi wanted to create a “wow effect” with the pieces in her collection, so you’ll find lots of leopard print, sequins, bold blues, and pieces like a chic, cognac, leather biker jacket and both heels and sneakers.  Heidi was super hands-on in making this collection and I think the pieces turned out just how she wanted them – Super wearable, but anything but boring.



Among my other favorite pieces from the collection includes this leopard print blouse ($8.99)leather ankle booties ($29.99), and a ribbed knit cardigan ($19.99).  Not pictured, this trench coat ($29.99) and a satin bomber jacket ($24.99) (As seen on my Instagram) that top my list as well.

I hopped on a 3-hour train ride Wednesday morning and by Saturday, I felt like I had traveled the world.  Being a part of this global fashion collaboration was definitely the highlight of my New York Fashion Week experience this year.  The event was so playful, transforming the space into a grocery store as models and Heidi herself modeled the styles on the runway and around the room.  Fashionistas like Louise Roe, Nina Garcia and Alexandra Pereira of Lovely Pepa were also there.  I felt grateful to be there, among such stylist and successful women, as well as the wonderful Lidl team, and fellow influencers from all over the world as well.

Special thanks to Lidl and Heidi Klum for bringing me along on this adventure!  You can officially shop the collection today (September 21st) in all Lidl stores and pieces are expected to sell out fast.  If you’d like to see more on social media about the event or the collaboration, just search the hashtag #LETSWOW and #EsmaraByHeidiKlum.


The way you turned that leopard scarf into a top is pure genius. Thanks for sharing! What an affordable line.