September 11, 2017

Suiting Up


Full disclosure, I didn’t pack well for New York Fashion Week. In my defense, it was sort of a last minute trip. Usually, New York Fashion Week is where fall fashion season kicks off for its attendees (even though it’s showing Spring collections – Kind of confusing, I know). But after a full week at the beach prior to leaving for New York, it felt weird wearing fall pieces. Luckily, I threw in an extra coat at the last minute & did some shopping along the way because the temperatures were much cooler than usual during Fashion Week. It really felt like fall!

One thing I did do right though was bringing a coordinating suit. A matching suit set is such a versatile outfit to have in your closet, not to mention one of fall’s best trends. Either worn together or as separates, there are two kinds of suits I think every woman needs in her closet this season – One colored suit and one plaid or checkered suit. I’ve gone ahead and rounded up a few of my favorites below for you to shop from. If I had to pick one though, this one is my favorite. It comes in three amazing colors! I’m struggling picking which one to get.

Zara Suit