October 27, 2017

How To Shop A Sample Sale


This Friday night (before settling in on Stranger Things Season 2!), I’m going to the Gilt City Warehouse Sale here in DC.  I went last year and found some really amazing pieces, like these Isabel Marant pants, a Thakoon blazer, a Helmut Lang dress and Tabitha Simmons flats.  I shared a few of them yesterday on my Instagram Stories – Be sure to check out the Story before it disappears!

While I found a lot of great things last year, there were a few things I learned from being a sample sale newb.  So, here are my top 4 tips for shopping a sample sale like the Gilt City Warehouse Sale:

  1. What to Wear: You never know how long the fitting room line is going to be, sometimes it can get pretty insane.  This year I’m being strategic and wearing a thin wrap dress.  Something like this, or even a slip dress, is ideal.  You’ll be able to easily try on tops, coats and blazers right over top of your dress and you can slip on pants and skirts right on under it.
  2. Shoes: I get most excited for the shoe selection.  To make trying on easy and efficient, wear slip-ons.  I’m wearing a pair of flat mule slides tonight.
  3. Shoes Part II: On another shoe related note, hit the shoes first!  They’re the first to go and there’s less of a selection so you’ll be able to cruise through your size and get first dibs on the best ones.
  4. Skip The Champagne:  I love free booze as much as the next, but shopping with a glass of champagne in your hands isn’t easy.  You’re also going to need all of your strength to carry all of your finds.  Meet back up with your girlfriends, after you’ve all checked out, for a celebratory, complimentary glass of champagne at the end of the night.

For more information on the sale & tickets, click here!  Also, I have a special flyer for you that you can present at the door for complimentary entry.