November 1, 2017

Overcoming Fear of Flying


I thought since I was flying more lately I had become more comfortable with it.  But after a few bad flights (because of me, not the plane, etc.), I was feeling defeated and, on top of that, sick of feeling that way.  Apparently, a bottle of wine wasn’t enough to cut it for me anymore.  Plus, sometimes I take super early flights and I just don’t feel like drinking wine that early.  So a few weeks ago I shared my fear of flying (on Instagram), asking for tips, and I was blown away by the number of responses I got.

It turns out, many can relate to this and I received some really helpful suggestions for how to conquer fear of flying.  I wanted to recap all of the answers into a post so I would be able to refer back to it anytime I needed.  If you have any good ones too, please do share!


What are your best tips for coping with fear of flying? 


“Big glass of red wine and a great sleep mask with a spritz of calming mist.”

“I always told my friend this theory.  You have a better chance of dying from a coconut falling on your head.  So now she always thinks of coconuts.  It helped her!”

“Xanax!  Probably not helpful at all but I got a prescription and it saved me. Now flights are just a cool bus in the sky!”

“I saw a hypnotist and paired it preference for sitting widow seat near the wing so I could see the actual movement of wing vs. imagined.  I’m the type of person who gets inside my head so the visual reality is helpful for me.  Also Headspace App has a meditation fear of flying sequence.”

“Headspace app with noise cancelling headphones and a good travel buddy.”

“Magnesium or a “natural calm” product.”

“Have you ever read ‘The 5 Second Rule’ by Mel Robbins?  There’s a section in there where she talks about how she got over her fear of flying.  I tried her method last time I flew and it worked!”

“Up your travel game, like clothes, entertainment, accessories.”