January 31, 2018

Sparkling Rosé All Day

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When the makers of the award-winning Cava, Segura Viudas, invite you to celebrate and “break away from basic” over a bottle of sparkling rosé, you happily accept the invitation.  At least, I do!  I had landed back in D.C., after an amazing three days spent in Miami, and the event at Heist was just what I needed to keep the good vibes going.  There were girls covered in bubbles, a good DJ, and the best photo booth I’ve ever been in (that took this picture).  That’s because the Segura Viudas mission is to not only open up bottles of bubbling rosé, overflowing with deliciously fruity aromas, but to also open up a world of new experiences!

Speaking of new experiences…

My trip to Miami was the first “fitness themed” media trip I had been invited on and, while I was beyond excited that my newfound love of fitness and wellness had opened a window of opportunity such as this, I have to admit it was a little intimidating.  After the initial excitement of the free flight to Miami and 70 degree weather, I wondered if I would be able to keep up with the rest of the group in the workout portions of the trip.  I also questioned whether or not I would be able to create and capture content that you guys would enjoy (featuring this new hobby and interest of mine) as much as my regularly scheduled programming (mostly outfits, hair and make-up).

Of course, I had no choice but to put my uncertainties aside.  My FOMO wouldn’t have it any other way to be honest and I love the thrill that comes along with trying new things.  As soon as I touched down in Miami, all of my worries went to the wayside (as they usually do with me) and now, looking back, I can’t believe I even questioned going for a second!

The fact that Segura Viudas is celebrating these types of moments, putting yourself outside of your comfort zone, and encouraging new experiences, has made them a stand out brand to me.  A refreshing and fruity sparkling rosé doesn’t hurt either.

Thank You!

I have to say a special thanks to Segura Viudas for inviting me to an anything but ordinary, cava-infused evening filled with fun (But really – Sara and I had a blast, if you didn’t catch our live posts on Instagram Stories)!  I’m looking forward to more new experiences and sipping on Segura Viudas while doing it!  They have an amazing “Recipes” section on their website.  The Nailed It, made with Segura Viudas Rosé, pink grapefruit juice, rosemary simple syrup and Campari sounds divine!


Zara Top
Levi’s Jeans
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Thank you to Segura Viudas for sponsoring this post. #OpenUpCava


Looks like so much fun! I do love a good glass of bubbly 🙂

{ Katie Actually }

Thanks, Katie! Me too! 🙂 xx, Natalie