May 7, 2018

Harvard-Approved Beauty



This anti-aging serum was co-patented by Harvard Medical School, need I say more?!? 

OKAY… Let me back up a little bit.

Made with natural ingredients from the Caudalie-family French vineyard, all of Caudalie’s products are innovative, easy on your skin, and they work.  That’s why Caudalie quickly became one of my top recommendations for the best skincare brands after testing a variety of products over the past year.  Now, I use a range of Caudalie products in my every-day (and nighttime) skin routine and I get facials at their DC spa as often as I can.



One of their newest products, found in their Premier Cru collection, that I wanted to share with you today is the Premier Cru The Serum.  Caudalie partnered with doctors at Harvard Medical School to do research on this newly patented, anti-aging formula.  The brand states, it’s a “scientific breakthrough in anti-aging research.”

The way I understand it is like this:  As you age, your skin produces new skin cells at a much slower rate, hence you begin to see more and more wrinkles and other signs of aging.  What this serum does is re-energizes your skin so that it can replenish cells faster, all while helping repair your skin’s brightness, plumpness and elasticity and reducing overall signs of aging.  It also helps to boost skincare efficacy overall, making it such a beneficial addition to any skincare regime.



Made from the best ingredients the grape vines have to offer our skin, Caudalie’s latest innovation, used in the Premier Cru serum, is called Vinergy®.  If you’re curious, you can read more about the ingredients Caudalie uses and the exact benefits of each on the Caudalie website here.  I’ve always found it to be so interesting!

I’ve been using this new, “ivy-league” serum for the past few months and have been loving the results.  It’s on the higher end price-wise, but I think it’s a great product to invest in.  Plus, a little seems to go a long way, so it should last you a long time.  Also, with Mother’s Day coming up, this serum would be the perfect way to spoil Mom this year!  You can shop this serum, along with some of my other favorite Caudalie products below.