September 17, 2018

16 Things I’ve Recently Bought


I feel like there are so many good things I’ve purchased lately that I haven’t been able to share with you yet!  Don’t tell Wes!  Haha!  But, one thing I’ve vowed to NOT to do is push too many fashion & beauty products on you guys, because (most of the time) those are things we can all live without.  I’ve made sure to include some more functional, but still fun, stuff on here like some new Trader Joe’s items, dishware, an affordable way to step up your hair style and some doggy cameras for when I’m away to spy on the pups.  Everything I’ve listed here I’ve bought on my own as well!  I just had to say that, ya know?  #transparency

16 Things I’ve Recently Bought:


1. Big, blush pink bowls for my lunches!  You know I love a bowl and I love how deep these are, perfect for salads or rice bowls.



2. Zip-Up Jeans that are under $40.  They have such a fun, retro vibe.  I got a 26, but I typically would wear a 27, they were just sold out.  I love how they’re cropped, so I can wear them with flats.

3. A Vintage Dior Saddle Bag.  I’ve been so into vintage bags lately.  They’re way cheaper than new designer bags and are still just as cute, sometimes even cuter!  I’ve found the best prices to be on Poshmark and they authenticate everything over $500.  I found my saddle bag for $250, which was a steal in my opinion, and I’ve worn it so much!  Other sites to shop vintage bags on include eBay, Vestiaire, Tradesy and The Real Real.

4. I know I was totally into the skinny sunglasses, and I still am, but I like bigger sunglasses with certain looks.  These look designer!



5. Colored-lens Sunglasses.  I was looking at a few pairs from Prada and Gucci but these were half the price!  I always try to find a deal when it comes to trendier items.  I know Amazon has some good ones too that are under $20 if you want to give this fall trend a try.

6. This rug in two colors (one white and one black).  Until we’re ready to splurge on a really nice rug, I like to buy cheaper ones, like these, that I won’t feel as bad tossing out in a year or so.

7. Video cameras for the house so that I can watch my puppies + my foster puppies!  These don’t toss treats, but were much cheaper than the Furbo and give me the peace of mind I needed.  Pretty easy set up too!


8. Transparent heels.  I can’t believe how much wear I’ve got out of these and they’re SO comfortable. The closest thing to bare feet if you ask me.

9. A black, linen dress for an upcoming beach party/wedding that we’re going to in October.  I got a 4 and it fits like a glove.



10. Lots & lots of hair clips and barrettes.  I was really feeling like I wanted a new hairstyle and these do the trick with minimal effort.

11. Continuous Line Drawing Print from Etsy.  The download was $5 and I had my dad print it out for me at work on card stock.  I can’t wait to put it up in my office.  I’m working on lots of redecorating right now!

12. I can’t believe I haven’t shared this with you yet.  My new favorite bronzer!  It’s universal, so works for everyone, and doesn’t have any shimmer to it so it looks really natural.

13. A trendy shell necklace because I just had to!  This one’s a sixth of the price of the one I wanted so.

14. The birk’s are back!  These Birkenstock look-a-likes are actually from Target, but they’re totally giving me Isabel Marant vibes.  And, OMG, they’re SO comfortable.

15 & 16.  And, it wouldn’t be a TFB shopping list without something from Trader Joe’s would it?  So I’m going to give you TWO things that you need to try if you haven’t yet – 1. Sriracha Ranch Dressing and 2. Gluten Free Mac ‘n Cheese (Frozen section).  #YUM


I hope you guys enjoyed this list, let me know if you’d like to see more posts like this!  xx, Nat


A nice variety of things!! So fun, really enjoy these kind of posts. It’s the best kind of Inspo 😉

Thank you, so glad to hear that! xx

I think my favourite pick is the coloured sunglasses! So 70’s I love that!
xx Jenelle |

I agree! Loving those right now, such a fun way to switch things up. 🙂 xx, Nat