October 26, 2018

Oldie But Goodie – Reebok Aztrek

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So excited for my partnership with Reebok!

I’m sure you’ve heard the popular “Sex in the City” saying, “oldie but goodie,” right?  Well, while Reebok first debuted their Aztrek sneaker in 1993, but it’s back now and hitting the ground running looking cooler then ever.


As you’ve probably noticed, the ’90’s are really making a comeback in the style department.  From biker shorts to chunky “dad” sneakers, I’m all for the 2000’s take on some of the coolest trends from the ’90’s.  I grew up in the ’90’s so it feels super nostalgic to see these trends reemerge and I love working them into my wardrobe today.



Categorized as a lightweight “retro runner” I love styling Reebok’s Aztrek sneakers with my every day looks, like jeans and a tee or flowy dresses.  The sneaker trend fits so well in my wardrobe because you know I love to dress down most of my looks, for a more laid-back, “cool-girl” kind of style.  Plus, sneakers are just practical!  Plain and simple.



The Aztrek features a unique cushioning patter in it’s design, making it a top competitor in the comfort department.  But the colors and style are what make it so me.  I really appreciate that Reebok decided to re-introduce the Aztrek sneaker while highlighting the original colorways, like this awesome royal blue and bright rose pink combo (The one’s I’m wearing here!).  It feel so retro yet so current at the same time, don’t you think?



Are you guys loving the sneaker trend as much as I am?  See below for more of the fun colors the Aztrek sneaker comes in now and click to shop your faves.  Of course, the black and white are classic, but I’m really loving that solar orange and white pair too.  And, be sure to check out the other throwback styles by Reebok – There’s plenty more goodies to choose from! 🙂




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