November 28, 2018

The Face Tools That I’m Obsessed With

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I get facials about once every two months, but I’m all about any at-home treatments that I can find.  I’ve found five amazing face tools that I really love and that work!  Scroll below to find out what they are and why I love each one of them so much. Also, I hope you enjoyed this exciting GIF of me jade rolling on an airplane.  Yes, I’m totally that girl.




I’m obsessed with this thing!  Obviously, leave it in the freezer, and enjoy.  I always wake up so puffy and ice rolling really calms my skin down.  Using an actual ice cube works too, but this is just a lot less messy.  It’s only $11 on Amazon!


The Clarisonic Massage Device is just ah-mazing.  It feels amazing, helps with facial contouring and reducing puffiness.  I can literally feel the lymphatic drainage when I use this thing.  If you already have a Clarisonic, it’s so worth it to just invest in the massaging attachment because you will see results with this tool immediately.  I use my massager right after I  apply my skincare so it absorbs better.


The NuFace is an amazing facial toning device!  This little handheld device uses a gentle microcurrent to add definition of your facial features, to help with facial toning (If you have any appearance of sagging skin), as well as reduces wrinkles by smoothing them out.  It’s award-winning and, don’t worry, FDA-approved.  I’ve been using my NuFace Trinity Device at least twice a week, for five minutes each time, but NuFace recommends using it 5 days a week for the first 60 days.  I need to stop being lazy so I can get the full benefits!  Will keep you guys posted.  Let me know if you have this one!


My facialist (Margaret at Caudalie) uses jade rollers on me and I just love the way it feels.  Just like the facial massager or ice roller, rolling out your face has so many benefits – It relieves stress, promotes collagen growth and blood flow, and so much more.  This one has a small end, which is great to roll with around your eyes.  And it’s small size means it travels easy.  This jade roller is another Amazon find (my facialist approved), but she says any jade roller will work as long as it’s real jade.  It comes with a Gua Sha stone too, which I’m still figuring out but I’ve heard great things.


My face isn’t “hairy,” but even just a little bit of fuzz can actually clog up your pores and lead to breakouts.  This little razor is the best.  I use it about once a month and my hair hasn’t grown back darker or thicker at all.  The trick is to not overuse it though.  Having a clean shaven face also helps your skincare products absorb and you’ll definitly notice your foundation will go on so much smoother.  You can grab a pack of 3 razors for $3.89 on Amazon and see for yourself!


Do you guys use any of these face tools?  Or, are there any good ones out there I’m missing out on?  Let me know! xx