November 19, 2018

SKINCARE | The Best Serums & Face Oils



I love trying out new products and there are SO many I’ve tried over time.  But there are always those few standout products that have stood the test of time in my medicine cabinet, the ones that I keep going back to over and over.  And those are the ones I love sharing with you guys. 🙂

I’m actually super picky when it comes to beauty products, I want big results if I’m going to spend my money on something.  Serums and face oils have made the most noticeable difference for me and improving the appearance of my skin.   See below for my favorite ones and learn why I’ve been using these products every day for months (some even years) now.  Most of these also have the “Clean” stamp from Sephora which is awesome too!



Best Face Serums & Oils

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Drunk Elephant Glycolic Night Serum: My skin loves anything with glycolic serum in it.  I remember my first glycolic peel and I was hooked on it.  Anytime I feel like my skin is looking dull I just lather up with this serum at night.  In the morning, you wake up with brighter and glowing skin every time!

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate: This product has been around for a while and I always see top beauty experts still talking about it.  It’s just a great night oil that’s stood the test of time.  Your skin repairs itself at night and this product helps with that.  The combination of oil in this one also feels amazing on your skin.

Skin Ceuticals C E Ferulic:  Vitamin C is one of the best things you can do for your skin and this serum has probably made the most noticeable difference for me since using it.  It’s the first product I apply every morning after rinsing off my face with warm water.  It’s a bit pricey but I do think it’s something that’s worth investing in.  It’s super brightening and also helps fight lines and wrinkles.

Sunday Riley U.F.O Clarifying Oil:  This oil has worked great for my skin in terms of breakouts.  It’s a medicated oil, containing salicylic acid, and my skin absorbs it right up.  It clears up any acne, decongests your pores, and leaves your skin looking brighter and more nourished.  I use this one 1-2 times a day depending on my skin’s appearance.

Skin Ceuticals H.A. Intensifier: You’ve probably heard me talk about this product a lot already, but it’s truly one of my favorites.  Especially in the winter months, it is so hydrating and nourishing, I love this product so much.  It’s also super plumping which helps diminish the appearance of wrinkles so I make sure to really press it into my skin over my smile lines and on my forehead.

Drunk Elephant Luxury Face Oil: Just like the name, this oil feels so luxe on your skin.  Whenever I’m feeling like my skin could use a little extra love is when I reach for this oil.  It’s pure marula oil, which is supposed to work really well to reverse those classic signs of aging as well as any redness.  I apply it at night, after my moisturizer.

Caudalie Detox Oil: This one’s listed last but it’s certainly not least. If there’s one skincare brand I can’t recommend enough it’s Caudalie.  Their products are so gentle on the skin and work on all different skin types.  This detox night oil is one of my favorite Caudalie products and I always bring this one with me when I travel. It’s the perfect all-in-one night oil and leaves your skin looking so refreshed when you wake up.


Stay tuned for more ‘beauty faves’ posts like this one and let me know what you think of these in the comments below!

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Happy Monday, babes! xx 


Thanks for this! I definitely need to try a few of these new products!