December 18, 2018

Listen In Event with Capital One and Bryce Vine


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“The quieter you become, the more you can hear.” – Unknown 

Did you know?

According to the Capital One Listen In Survey, nearly 1 in 5 Americans can’t remember the last time someone was completely focused on listening to them.  And, more than half feel they don’t often experience active listening from their family, friends or colleagues.  That’s why I’m so excited to be partnering with Capital One on their LISTEN IN PROGRAM, in celebration of the power of listening and Capital One’s focus on building a better bank for their customers.

I think it’s really great that Capital One is re-designing the banking experience into something more simple and natural through their Cafes. They’ve been transforming their traditional branches to offer new services and tools that focus on listening. Their Money Coaching program, for example, is like life coaching for finances, AND it’s free. Co-creator of the program, Megan Lathrop, hosted their Listen In events across the country, including the one I recently attended in D.C.

In case you missed it, the new D.C. Capital One Cafe {Located in Chinatown} held an interactive listening experience where musical artist, Bryce Vine, shared his own personal listening stories and how they’ve impacted him. It was an eye and ear-opening discussion and Bryce even sang a few of his songs at the end – It was so fun!  ‘ON THE BALL’ is my new favorite song of his; you have to listen to it if you haven’t yet.

I also got to interview Bryce before the discussion.  He revealed his favorite restaurants, where he shops, and some of the best advice he could give to others chasing their dreams.  Scroll to the end of this post to read what he said!

Get a glimpse of what the event was like in the recap video here!

The Question of the Week

Capital One asked attendees at the event if they were better listeners in their personal or professional lives. I answered, in business. Being in an industry that’s always evolving, I have to really pay attention! Listening to friends, family and mentors for encouragement along the way has been so helpful in shaping my accomplishments so far. In my personal life, however; I think I could actually be a better listener! Like, when Wes tells me to pick up my clothes off the floor, I should listen. 😉 It would save me from a lot of arguments. Ha ha!

What would you guys answer to this one?  I’d love to hear! 

“What keeps you going in times of doubt?”

“People.  The one’s who listen.”

Interviewing Bryce Vine

First of all – nicest human ever.  He even followed me on Instagram after the event. 🙂  Interviewing him was so easy, he’s super down to earth and ,not to mention, a really talented artist.  You probably know him from his latest hit, “Drew Barrymore.”

I read that his dad owns a restaurant in LA and he said he worked there growing up – It’s called Post and Beam in Baldwin Hills, Los Angeles if you want to check it out.  But his favorite restaurant right now is actually in New York, called L’Artusi.  And if you’re wondering where he shops – It’s actually pretty similar to where I shop!  He loves Zara, Urban Outfitters and Topman.

I also asked him if there was one piece of advice he received that stood out to him?  He gave me three: 1). Be patient 2). Appreciate the little things and 3). READ!  It will take your mind off things and also help improve your writing.  I actually couldn’t agree more with that one!

After our interview, he had more time to elaborate on the importance of listening during the panel and here are some of my favorite takeaways:

  • It’s important to surround yourself with people who aren’t just going to tell you what you want to hear.
  • Listening is important, especially when you have a job that involves words.  (This one was meant to be funny, but how true is it though?!)
  • When it comes to being authentic and finding yourself, ask yourself – If you saw yourself in a movie, would you root for your character?
  • On listening: When you find good people and you hear their stories, it helps you realize that none of us are really that different.

My Listening Story

Since starting my own business, I’ve had to look to others for help in areas where I’m not an expert in. Finance is definitely one of them. I’m way more interested in the creative aspect of my job. So, I’ve intentionally built a relationship with my bank and my financial adviser so that they can help me with my unique banking needs, which I highly recommend if you’re a new business owner! Plus, considering the industry I’m in is so new, it was tricky at first. Through a lot of listening, we’ve been able to find a system that works well for me and my business. But on a more personal note, listening to myself has also played a really important role in my career, which is sometimes the hardest thing to do.

I remember when I started my blog six plus years ago, it was entirely for fun. I loved photography and I loved fashion so I just started doing it. I never thought anyone would see it, let alone that it would grow to the readership that I have today (love you guys!). Fast forward to four years later, I was working as a Digital Content Producer at a local radio station, a job I landed because of my experience in blogging. I loved my job. It was so much fun and I was making a significant income off my blogging business, but trying to juggle both roles was beginning to put a lot of stress on me. I started to feel like I couldn’t give my 100% best effort to both, which was super frustrating.

I never in a million years thought I would be a full-time blogger, but in that moment, I felt like I had a chance to really go for what I had always wanted and I knew I had to take the chance. I remember it felt like I was jumping off a cliff or something. I knew I could do it, but of course I was so scared! If I look back over my life, I’ve received so much good advice from family members, teachers, mentors, colleagues and friends along the way, but it was the advice from myself in that moment that brought me to where I am today!

I love that Capital One is re-imagining what a bank should be with today’s customer in mind with their Capital One Cafés – A place where you can feel heard on your financial journey, whatever it may be. You can learn more by visiting on social using the hashtag #BankingReimagined.

A special thanks to Capital One for inviting me to their Listen In event here in D.C. and for the opportunity to collaborate on such a meaningful campaign like this one!

This post was in collaboration with Capitol One, all opinions are my own.