January 25, 2019

Week in Review | 03


I feel like this week flew by! That’s why this week’s post won’t have as many Q&A questions as usual, but I still love the opportunity to sit down and chat with you. So in today’s post, I’m going to be taking a look back at the week. But if that bores you, feel free to scroll to the end where I’m sharing a few things I’ve bought recently. I know you guys tend to like those lists, so I hope you enjoy!

We’re getting another foster puppy tomorrow morning so my weekend’s mostly going to revolved around him. I hope you guys have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by! x

Week in Review

Monday was a pretty standard administrative day for me spent at the computer, in sweatpants and no makeup. Tuesday was mostly spent shooting new pieces for Instagram, like my new vintage jeans and this sweater that I DIY cropped myself. Sara and I froze our butts off shooting, spring can’t come soon enough! When I got home, my Black Friday purchase from Anthropolie had finally arrived. Should I keep it? I also uploaded a new makeup tutorial to my IGTV in case you missed it. I used a lot of my favorite products, like the NARS Illuminating Loose Powder that’s an absolute must-have!

Wednesday was another admin day, editing photos and searching for new brands to feature in upcoming posts. I was stuck in a Mango box for a little bit (I do love my Mango though!), but I’m branching out now. And that night I went to a 305 Fitness class with my sister and my friend – My first workout class in so long, as well as my first real cardio workout. Phew! It was hard. But so much fun. Have you guys tried it before?

Thursday I spent the day at my mom and dad’s house, partly because it was her birthday and partly because my car was getting worked on in their garage. Something Navy featured me on their Instagram in a “5 Things About Me” post if you want to check it out. So excited for the February launch by the way (They just announced swimwear!). My mom and I went to Trader Joe’s so I was able to catch up on some overdue grocery shopping too. I loved her Trader Joe’s actually! It’s so fun to check out different locations because they have different things. If you want to see what I got, you can watch my haul video here. Then, we celebrated her and my grandma’s birthday that evening with bottomless Italian food at Maggiano’s in Tyson’s Galleria. Let’s just say that I have no desire to eat carbs today. LOL.

And now here we are – Friday! I ran errands today (There’s acutally so much errand running that goes into blogging that I think people don’t think about). I was going to go to the gym, but I think I’ll just do one of Melissa Wood’s at home workouts instead. But, as the week comes to an end, there are a few things on my mind that I would love for you to weigh in on:


I listened to few of Gary Vee’s podcasts and I’m OBSESSED with him. I was left feeling so inspired and motivated. Inspired to live my truth, stop worrying about what “works,” and motivated to radiate and spread good vibes and positivity. Hold me to that, kay?


I’ve been THRILLED seeing how many of you are trying the Revlon blow drier since I posted about it on my Instagram. Yes, it’s amazing, and yes, it’s only $60 (even though some of you have been able to get it for less on sale!) so it’s not that big of a deal but it’s just been really fun for me watching you guys purchase something because of me and enjoy it so much.

And on another related but unrelated note, maybe you noticed, I posted a story about the drier today on Instagram and I felt compelled to write “#notsponsored” on the post. To be candid, I honestly don’t love it when I see other bloggers labeling posts all the time as “not sponsored” because it makes me think they’re really saying “I actually do like this product, versus the other products that I post about only because they’re sponsored.” You know? Maybe it’s just me. Anyways, I used it today and it has me thinking… Do you guys feel like you trust the bloggers you follow to only promote products they truly love and would recommend? Please feel free to weigh in in the comments below, or even email or DM me if you prefer! I’d love to know your thoughts on the whole #sponsored posts thing.

Things I’ve Bought Recently