January 11, 2019

Week in Review | 01


Hey Guys! I thought I would start a new series to recap my week and answer some frequently asked questions that I get throughout the week so that you have everything you need in one place and can easily search for it at your convenience (and on a computer rather than on your phone!). Sometimes certain things don’t make it onto the blog because it would be hard or silly to dedicate a whole post to them (like my tanning drops). But they’re things that I still get asked about a lot (especially on stories). Carpel tunnel real, and I’m really trying not to spend my whole life on my phone, so hoping this helps the both of us out!

This week felt like the first real week “back.” My brain has felt so cloudy since the holidays and I was honestly worried I’d never be the same again (#Dramatic). So I decided Monday I was going to just start doing things! Whatever I could, here and there. I ended up making lists and getting things done little by little. I filmed a new hair tutorial (Coming soon!), planned outfits for three shoots, updated my Pinterest boards and I was feeling like myself again in no time.

And now it’s Friday, yay! We’re hopefully going to finish the bathroom reno this weekend. Hope you guys have a great weekend!

So, as promised, here are some of the most talked/asked about things (from my Instagram DM’s) this week. I hope you enjoy! xx

Do you put anything on before you use your jade roller?

Yes! I just do my regular skincare routine. The jade roller will help the products absorb better into your skin.

Where is your headband from?

The silky headband I’ve been wearing is from Target! It’s under $10 and is actually super comfortable (no awful headaches to report thankfully).

Can you show a picture of your hair color unfiltered after you just got it done?

Yes! Here you go:

Can you send me the link to your bowls?

Here you go! They’re my favorite for making bowls or big salads at home. I got the pink ones but they also come in ivory.

I want to invest in a Caudalie product, which one do you think I should get?

The Vinoperfect Radiance Serum is amazing. Or the Detox Oil. Please don’t make me choose!

Wait! Are we back to doing curls with straighteners?

No! Don’t freak out yet, haha. I love my curling iron! It just depends on my mood and the types of curls I want. The curling iron gives me more of a bouncy ringlet, while the straightener is better for a twisty, piece-y bend. Having both a curling iron and a straightener is essential in my opinion. Click here for the hair straightener I was using to get my bendy curls.

Where did you get the shelf in your closet (that holds all of your jeans)?

It was actually a hand-me-down so, unfortunately, I have no clue. But I found this one and it’s super similar! And here are the dividers I used.

How do you use the tanning drops and what shade do you use?

I use Medium/Dark and I use them once a day, in the morning. To apply them, mix 1-4 drops with your favorite serum or moisturizer and apply evenly all over your face and neck. I started out using 4 drops but now I think I will just do two to maintain. I don’t want to look too tan in the midst of winter. Also, make sure to wash your hands really well after you apply them. And, no, they don’t smell!

What are aminos for?

Amino acid supplements (BCAA’s) have a lot of benefits actually! They help with muscle recovery after workouts, reduce muscle soreness, increase your energy levels and help you focus. There’s more but I won’t type them all out, I suggest doing a quick Google search of “the benefits of amino acids” if you want to learn more! I also like adding some to my water because it tastes good and helps me drink more water. 🙂

Where are the dog adoption events?

They are all over the DMV area every Saturday and Sunday (usually from 12-3PM) but the location changes every weekend. I would suggest signing up on LuckyDogAnimalRescue.org or following them on Instagram (@dcluckydog) to find out where each week’s events are taking place.

What line is this cute stuff from Target?

Project 62, so cute right? I had to refrain from buying everything. These were some of my favorites (and I got this basket):

Is that an ice roller?

Yes, here’s the link! I use it right when I wake up/after I shower.

How can I book an appointment with Nadine to do my hair?

Call PR @ Partners Downtown and ask to be added to her wait list! Phone: (202) 737-0909


I love this! Such a great personal round up!