February 12, 2019

Week in Review | 04

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Last week was crazy! We had a new (and very large) puppy in the house but I still managed to shoot some new stuff around the house (like my kitchen runner), try a new workout class (Mind The Mat’s Hawt Pilates), get botox, get dry-needled (thankful for my PT who comes to my house), and film a new shopping haul for YouTube.

This week, I vowed to get out of the house more. Working from home can be tricky. I always struggle between working and getting stuff done around the house or walking the dogs a million times a day. It felt SO good to go and work from a coffee shop with Sara on Monday and start my week off right! I’m going to make it a regular thing for sure.

Below is a list of recently asked questions I’ve received in my DM’s over the past week. I hope this helps! You’ll also find the link to my new “Home” Shop page below – Super excited about this! Talk soon! xx

How do you take the CBD?

I just put two drops under my tongue! The key is letting it absorb. It’s a higher dosage so you probably don’t want to use it during the day. It’s 1000mg and I got it from my physical therapist – @docsarahwilsonpt. Message her to purchase some! I had been taking melatonin every night to sleep but this is much better for you. I’m also taking it to help with my back pain and it’s been helping so far.

Do you make money if we use your links?

Yes! Thank you for asking. Typically, when I link something I make a small commission on any purchases. Affiliate links make up a good percentage of my business and income, so when you use them to shop it’s much appreciated!

Where do you get pampass grass?

The one I have in my home right now I stole from an event (I literally flew home with it from New Mexico wrapped up in a shower cap). But you can purchase it on Etsy and I found something similar on Amazon (That I just ordered!).

When will you do an apartment tour?

AH! When I finish decorating. Which is never, ha ha. I’m revamping a few things (and our bathroom is almost finished) so I’ll be sure to share a little home tour very soon! In the meantime, I created a “Home” Shop with everything I’ve purchased lately.

How can I purchase the clothes you list on your Instagram Stories?

To claim a piece I’m selling, DM me that you want it and then once I confirm you can send me payment (via PayPal or Venmo) to secure your purchase. If payment isn’t received in 24 hours, I move on to the next interested buyer. Then, I ship it to you the next week! And, I’ll let you in on a little secret: I always throw in some beauty products for my buyers!

How often do you get botox and how much does it cost?

To give you an idea, the last time I got it was July. So about every 6-8 months. You can read more about why I do it and what I get in this blog post. In terms of cost, it really depends on where you go and what you’re getting. Everyone has a different anatomy, so it’s best to book a consultation. If you’re local to the DC area, I go to Dr. Naga at SkinDC. If you missed our Q&A you can watch it here!

Can you tell me more about the new Skin Ceutical’s product you shared?

It’s the Triple Lipid Restore Anti-Aging Lipid Replenishment Treatment. It’s amazing for winter and nothing hydrates my skin better. A lot of moisturizers are water-based so my skin just absorbs them right up in the wintertime. This cream is thicker and more nourishing and makes my skin feel so soft and smooth. It also helps with sun Damage, hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles and loss of firmness. This brand was also one on the top brands my dermatologist recommended to invest in. Their products have scientific backing, so you know they actually work.

What paint colors are your walls?

The living room paint is Rever Pewter by Benjamin Moore.

Can you tell me what dry shampoo, curling iron and straightener you’re using?

All of my hair products are linked on my Hair Shop page here. But I’ll also list them below for you!

Where’s your henley shirt from?

Amazon (here)! I’ve been trying to find some good stuff on there for you guys, here’s what I’ve ordered and loved so far (Like the baby blue hoodie I recently wore):

How do you have such flat abs?

This is hilarious because I definitely don’t. Pictures can be deciving and I know my angles. BUT – Here are my thoughts on abs. 80% of your abs are made in the kitchen, so you have to eat right. To add definition you can do simple exercises daily like planks, crunches, etc. I also found that lifting weights really helped me get a flatter stomach since you’re engaging your core.

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Where are your necklaces from?

We may have covered this one, but let’s do it again! I have a whole Jewelry highlight now too on my Instagram. Here are the ones I wear everyday (Most are Missoma London and then one from Amazon):


I seriously love your looks! So cool!