May 8, 2019

How To Make a Bomb Cheese Board This Mother’s Day


Or, any day really.

A few months ago I attended an event put on by Pamela of Cheats and Meeses, an amazing blogger and expert in grazing boards, cheese boards and charcuterie. I got to assemble my own cheese board and learned some great tips from her when it comes to making your own cheese board/plate/etc. They were so simple, but things you never think of, you know? I knew I had to share with you guys and what better time than with Mother’s Day coming up this weekend! (And in 3 seconds after publishing this post I’m going to get a text from my mom asking if I’m bringing one on Sunday now – Ha!)

But, whatever the occasion, a fabulous cheese board is such an easy way to make a big statement. It’s a gift, it’s a centerpiece, and it’s a sure crowd pleaser. And, with Pamela’s tips, anyone can do it!

Cheeseboard Tips & Tricks:

The Cheese:

Keep things interesting by intentionally featuring a variety of textures and milks in the cheeses you include on your board, like soft, crumbly, hard, and spreadable cheeses, or sheep, goat and cow. But don’t spend all your money on the cheese, you’ll want to save some to build around it! Pamela recommends not going over $10 per cheese.

Create the perfect bite:

People are probably going to feel bad at first, eating your creation. Here’s how to invite them to enjoy it! Pre-cut some slices of cheeses so that they’re inviting and easy to grab. Then, “fluff your meats,” as Pamela says. This also makes the meats easier to grab and more appealing! And make sure to put things next to each other that compliment each other well.

How to make it pretty:

Another signature Pamela move, “Show the lady parts!” Cut open your vegetables and fruits and display them in an interesting way. Use tiny bowls to organize dips, olives, nuts, etc. Pamela also suggests these easy showstoppers: edible flowers, bunches of lavender or rosemary, and real honeycomb!

More is more!

When you think you’re done, there’s always room for more! Check your pantry and see what you have. You probably have some nuts, dried fruits, crackers, or jarred veggies you can add to your board. Also, you check your grocery store or farmers market for seasonal items that will make a fun statement (Trader Joe’s is great for this!). And, lastly, add some chocolate for a sweet surprise!

Also! Don’t forget to snap a pic of your gorgeous cheese board and make sure to post it and tag me (@thefashionablybroke) and @cheatsandmeeses! And I’ve linked some of my favorite cheese boards below to help get you started on your journey.


My mom would love this if I made it!