November 14, 2019

What’s in My Nightstand

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Ever get into bed exhausted to realize you have to get back up to finish your nighttime routine? The worst. Besides things like brushing your teeth (for obvious reasons) I do most of my nightly routine from bed now – Or, I make an option at least just in case. It’s truly one of my best ideas yet!

Most of my everyday products are in the bathroom but I keep a few things in my nightstand next to my bed. I just find that I use them more regularly this way. For starters, something I would never use if it wasn’t in my nightstand – Eye lash serum. I love this one by GrandeLash, but I’ve also been trying this clean brand too. Both work great and don’t burn the eyes.

A non-negociable for every woman in their 30’s (and late 20’s too) should be a retinol cream. If you’re not familiar, basically it stimulates cell turnover leaving your skin looking fresh and younger. It helps with the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, but also helps prevent breakouts. I love this one, I started with the .05% and worked my way up to 1%. And, because retinol’s can be drying, I keep few moisturizers on hand. I’m loving are this one when I’m feeling dry and want something heavy or this one when I just want something light and refreshing.

There is nothing I hate more than dry lips. And because I love to wear lipstick, keeping my lips smooth and hydrated is crucial. Every night I apply a thick layer of a nourishing lip mask. I love this one by Laneige. I bought it for everyone for Christmas last year, it works wonders! I also love Lanolips Lip Balm and Jo Malone Vitamin E Lip Conditioner.

If I do nothing else in my skincare routine, I always make sure to apply eye cream before bed. I love something easy like this one from Kiehl’s or this peptide cream by Boscia. I really want to try the this one next though. If I’m feeling extra fancy, I use my jade roller to really massage it in and relax before bed. There’s nothing like a little late night facial massage.

Speaking of relaxing, have you guys tried CBD oil before? To really ensure I get a good night’s sleep, I put two drops of 1000mg CBD oil under my tongue every night. I started using CBD because I would have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. The one I use is CBDistillery and I ordered it from my physical therapist.

And overnight masks are my favorite. I hate having to splash water on my face in the sink and getting all messy. So I love sleeping in this hydrating watermelon mask or this creamy avocado retinol mask and waking up feeling all smooth and fresh. Sometimes I’ll use this one as an under-eye mask for extra hydration around the eyes too.

Also I must note – I got a couple of drawer organizers from The Container Store! They’ve made my skincare nightstand situation much more aesthetically pleasing and fun. And now everything doesn’t slide around every time I open and close my drawer. Highly recommend doing this if you’re going to move some of your skincare to your nightstand too (or for any drawer really)!


I have a little selection like this one in my nightstand drawer too! It’s such a good idea. I kind of like that ritual of doing my last wind down steps for my skincare in bed, there is something relaxing about it. Love some of these products too!
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I love this one! definitely some great products!