January 31, 2020

February Wishlist


I feel like this post is totally counterproductive to what my intentions were with this list – LOL. I also think this list would have been much longer before, but this is the NEW ME.

So here’s the deal in case you missed it – At the beginning of January I set out on a mission to not shop for an entire month. My reason for this wasn’t just to save money, although be it a nice added bonus, but I wanted to really re-connect with my style again and the pieces I already had in my closet. A little reset if you will. I think when you’re getting new stuff almost every day, or seeing new things every day on Instagram, you can easily get caught up and actually start to loose your sense of style. I felt myself getting to a point of like, I have no idea what I even like anymore. I went to clean out my closet, where normally I can easily tell what to keep/toss, but I felt nothing. I didn’t hate anything, and I didn’t love anything. So this challenge came about, which I coined #NoShopJanuary.

At first it was easy, I was so over shopping after the holidays. I didn’t want to buy any more winter clothes and it was too early to shop for spring or summer. So, if there’s a time to do it, I think January is definitely the time. I started laying out my clothes in advance – Enter, “the hook” (You know if you follow me on stories). On Sundays I would pull 5 pieces from my closet that I hadn’t worn before or worn enough and hang them on the hook. Then, during the week, I would have to get dressed using at least one piece from the hook. I had no idea how much I would LOVE this. Again, it was so easy. I didn’t miss having this huge selection to get dressed from one bit. I fell back in love with the true art of styling, not just popping tags every day and wearing the newest thing in my closet. It also freed up a lot of time for me and space in mind not having to worry about what to wear every day. A few of you joined me in doing this and totally agreed!

Fast forward about half way through the month, I started to realize a few things my closet was lacking, another perk of this challenge. And thus my “What I want to buy in February” List was born. It was a list I started in the notes section of my phone. When I shared this, many of you then replied that you wanted to see what was on the list, so that’s what I’m sharing in today’s post. But I also want to note – This list made me see that it’s easy to want something in the moment but then after I wrote down, the initial excitement was gone and I didn’t really feel like I NEEDED it anymore. Which is why I probably won’t even purchase half of the things on this list but it’s still fun to share and see what I likely would have ordered and spent in a normal month around here had I not been doing the challenge.


I realized I’m over a lot of my jeans, time to revamp.

+ I am lacking in the black skinny jeans department so I’m going to order these Levi’s and these (more of a washed black and I usually love Topshop denim).

+ The Levi’s Wedgie Straight Leg Jeans, I like that they’re baggy but a little more tailored at the bottom than my Topshop distressed jeans. Forget who sold me on these but I’ll probably order just to try since it’s Nordstrom.

+ These straight leg jeans – You know I love this straight leg style and I’ve been wanting this pair for so long. (Update: Just ordered then because only one left in my size!) I’m also eyeing this black pair since the other pair I have like these has holes in them.


Because it’s truly what I live in.

+ I wear the same workout leggings over and over – These from Amazon and this pair from Aerie, so I’m going to order another one of each. And then I need to find a good pair to wear out, that aren’t workout style. I’m still researching this but let me know if you have any rec’s.

+ Lulu Lemon Crop Top. These are my favorite type of tops to workout in with high-waisted leggings and I love the cute cut-out detail.

+ This sweat suit looks so cozy, I’ve been eyeing it for months and I think it would be great for travel.

+ Lou & Grey Ribbed Joggers, because how great do these look?


Again, needed to fill a few gaps.

+ I discovered something major – Vintage Stuart Weitzman boots are where it’s at. I’ve been saving a bunch on Poshmark but I love this shape and hopefully can find them in tan leather.

+ A double grommet black belt in a size large to wear over blazers.

+ Platform Vans (And then I’ll sell my regular ones). I need all the extra height I can get!

+ Adidas Sneakers

+ Chloe Sandals. I have these in the white canvas and I wore them all last summer so I’m debating getting the black as well. What do you guys think? Get what I love or switch things up?

So that about wraps it up! Some of you may think this list was nothing exciting. To be honest, I used it for a couple weeks and then I got so used to not shopping and became really content with what I do have that I stopped feeling the need to add things. And then, some of you may think it’s a lot for one month. But I probably won’t order it all anyways, just writing it down is half the fun for me now!

And, while we’re being honest, I feel like I’ve been so boring lately, not having anything new to show you guys. I’m sure I’ve lost some of your attention but that’s okay. I really needed this reset, and I came out of it feeling amazing. Not to worry though, I have a fresh, new plan with how I’m going to approach shopping for my business and for you guys moving forward (because, that’s a thing)!