March 2, 2020

The Best in Active wear

Featured Outfits

New active wear is the best motivator to stay in shape and hit the gym. But I’m beyond picky when it comes to active wear. I need my pants extra high-waisted, I don’t like bras that are too revealing and I’m big on fabric selections and comfort. So, I thought I would round-up the pieces that are in my closet that are #NatalieApproved!

These are all pieces that will hold you in place, won’t ride up or (even worse) down. They’ve passed the squat test and the see-through test swimmingly. And I’m here to show you you truly don’t have to break the bank to get cute and functional active wear because some of these are under $50. It’s all about trial and error when it comes to active wear and finding the brands that fit your body type the best. Click to shop on any of these and message me if you have any questions!


It was a surprise to me too, but I reach for these the most! For under $40, they’re pure comfort but still suck you in and hold everything in place. They’re on the thinner side and feel like a second skin, which I love, but don’t worry they’re not see-through at all (at least on me!). I feel so confident and comfortable in these and I love the 7/8 length, it’s the perfect crop on me. They’re on sale right now so I’m going to order another pair or two! (TTS, size smalls)

CARBON38 Ribbed Regular Rise 7/8 Legging

These are another great basic. They stay in place and hold you in. These are on the thicker side and I’ve only worn them in the winter but I think the fabric is breathable enough for summertime too. The ribbed fabric makes them a little more elevated and stylish and I love the matching top too. I definitely want to try another style from this brand! (TTS, small bottoms, medium tops)

H&M Sportswear

I placed a big H&M order recently because I was intrigued by their active wear. I’m always looking for more affordable options and I was super curious about it. I ended up keeping almost everything I ordered so I will link it all below! The quality was better than expected and they’re all super cute and passed the gym test. (TTS, small bottoms, medium tops, size down if you’re in between sizes)

Alo Yoga

Another one of my favorite brands, I think their quality and price point is a great match. If you’re looking for more stylish and elevated pieces, Alo Yoga is a great place to start. I have a few pieces from them that I love, but I try to stick to the more minimal styles because I find they’re the most forgiving. I think I want to treat myself to this bra next. (TTS, small bottoms, medium tops, size up if in between sizes)