March 17, 2020

How to (Actually) Work From Home

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This is probably my top tip and you’ve probably heard it before. But I just wanted to reiterate for those in the back who maybe haven’t tried it yet because it works like a damn charm. Just change out of whatever you slept in (feel free to totally put on another sweats look – just change), brush your hair and teeth, and if you’re feeling fancy put on a little perfume and lip gloss to set the tone for a productive day. Plus, you never know who’s going to knock on the door or when you’ll need to run out and its best to just be ready and get all of that out of the way.


Get a laptop stand, a mouse, a keyboard, headset, white board, whatever you need to work comfortably. But even if it’s just you and your laptop, dedicate a space so work doesn’t take over those cozy vibes you worked so hard to create in your home. Do add a candle, flowers, blanket, etc., whatever you need to make your workstation feel like a place you want to go to each day.


If you don’t want to be interrupted every time you get hungry, do a little meal prep at night. Wash and cut some veggies, thaw your frozen goods, etc. That always helps me. Otherwise, I’m forgetting to eat, reaching for a bag of chips or rushing to Chipotle because I’m too hungry to even think about cooking. And do your dishes right away – You might be surprised how many more you use now that you’re home (ahem, Natalie had to learn this the hard way). The coffee mugs can get out of control let me tell you!


If you’re going to have to go back to an office, try to stick to the same schedule. Same start/stop times, same lunch times, etc. This will help make the transition back to “real” work less of a shock to the system. Plus, it will just help you stick to a daily routine and not fall into the trap of “Netflix and Chill” all day. I rarely turn on the TV because I know I will turn into a potato on my couch. I LOVE having music on though.


Like, let’s still enjoy this little break shall we? Definitely do not feel guilty about using this time to tackle some of those projects around the house that you always wish you had time to do. Spring cleaning is in full effect around my house and every ounce of laundry will be done (Wes). I think we all deserve that, plus it will help you to go back to regular programming feeling lighter than ever!