July 15, 2020

Life Update: We moved!


After the emotional roller coaster that was my YouTube video I felt like it was only right I give you a little update about how we’re settling in since our big move. So let’s do it!

It’s been exactly 2 weeks since we packed up all of our stuff and moved from Virginia to the Outer Banks. I was so sad to leave our condo. We had lived there for 8 years and I felt like I was leaving so many memories behind. But – wow – Now that we’re in a house with 4 bedrooms, a huge garage, tons of closets, and a yard for the dogs, I’m completely fine and totally over it, ha ha! I know so many of you reached out to me about how you felt the same leaving your first homes too so I’m here to tell you, you will get over that really quick so just hang in there!

I was also so sad about leaving my friends and being able to just call them and get together on a whim. But last week my girl friends surprised me with a going away video and it was the sweetest thing EVER. I totally cried under my towel at the beach but I will cherish it forever. Highly recommend doing this for your friends when they’re going through a big change. It made me feel like I was still close to home, even being so far away.

Our first week down here we were lucky enough to have both my family and Wes’ family with us. My parents stayed with us to help unpack and Wes’ family was at their house for the yearly family beach week. So we spent half the time moving in and half enjoying the beach, which was actually a really nice way to adjust. Wes and my dad worked on fixing up the exterior of the house while my mom and I warmed things up the inside, unpacked the kitchen, shopped for groceries, etc. I will say, it’s weird seeing all of your stuff in a different house, but it definitely makes it feel more like home.

All of the new space is so exciting and I’m loving the blank slate. We’re only going to be here for 8 months (We plan to buy or build something by then) so I’m not decorating too much, but really using this time to clean out all of our stuff and minimize.

Wes started his new job this week! He says it’s going great so far but it’s definitely an adjustment since we’ve been home every day together since March. Change is hard for me and I remember having anxiety about the day this time would come – Wes going back to work and me being home alone every day, with 3 dogs now. I’m happy to say we are both feeling happy to be back in a routine though! I think we as people really do need our routines. We were so far out of one and it was starting to really effect us (especially me, but more on that another time).

We’re back to waking up early (meh, Wes has me beat on this one currently), I’ve started running daily and am back in a better routine work-wise. I feel refreshed, inspired and excited again so that’s been really great for me. We see each other less now though, but distance makes the heart grow fonder right? The biggest bummer for me lately is no more staying up late, hanging out, watching Netflix. I’m such a night owl. Now that Wes has to be up at 6 again, I’m working on making that adjustment in our lifestyle from being night people to morning people so we can spend more time together. If you have any tips for becoming a morning person, please let me know!

But, overall, how am I doing? Well, in a weird way, it still feels like we are just here in vacation? If you’ve followed me for a while, you know we would come down to the Outer Banks 4-5 times a year, so it already felt like a second home to us. And since we’ve lived here before, we both agree it sort of feels like we’re in some weird time warp. As if we just picked up where we left off 10 years ago. I also feel this strange pull between being scared and allowing myself to grow. But I’m trying to embrace the good that comes with getting uncomfortable, you know?

Thanks so much for stopping by today to read my little update. You guys have been SO supportive through all of this and I honestly couldn’t imagine it without you (as weird as that sounds since we’ve never met?)! It really helps knowing that you have people in your corner rooting for you, so I hope you all know I’m rooting for you too! I’m excited to bring you along on this adventure and I have a feeling it’s going to be an extra fun one. Love you all!

xx, Natalie