January 25, 2021

January Favorites


I can’t believe it’s already been a month into the new year! 2020 was such a transformative year for many of us and we surely didn’t let it go to waste around here with moving and buying our first home. I’ve been busy organizing and decorating, settling into my new career in real estate, and counting down the days until summer. I hope you’re all feeling refreshed and in a positive mindset!

I’m not one to usually get super into resolutions or promising to make big changes just because it’s a new year, mainly because I would never stick to them and I don’t like to set myself up like that, but instead I use this time to do a little pause and check-in with myself and my goals. And one of those goals was to write more on my blog, it was my first baby after all. So, welcome, or, welcome back! Happy to have you here!

Today’s post is the start of a new series – A monthly recap of my favorite things from the month. It can be anything from a new recipe I tried and loved, to a home decor find, beauty recommendation or new closet staple and I will share them here at the end of every month. Yay!


+ This hand wash. It sounds silly but it’s a must-have. I mentioned if you do any sort of self-tanning at home, or use your fingers to apply your makeup you neeeed this soap! It has tiny micro-exfoliating beads in it that get all of the gunk off of your hands that regular soap and water can leave behind. Plus, it smells amazing and isn’t drying at all and will make you want to wash your hands.

+ I’ve totally had a change of heart with this product – The Ilia Skin Tint! At first I didn’t think it was enough coverage for me but I have been loving it in the wintertime. My skin has been so dry and looking haggard and I swear this has brought it back to life. It gives you that perfect, youthful, dewy glow and actually has great coverage if you use a brush to apply it.

+ I finally jumped on the meal delivery service bandwagon and I can’t say I regret it one bit. It’s honestly been more affordable than my weekly grocery trips and the meals have been so delicious. I’ve been doing HelloFresh deliveries (3 meals a week) and you can use this link to get $70 off your order if you want to try it too. I also started ordering my produce from here (Use code COOKWME-NT3ZSF for 20% off). I’m not sure I recommend getting both at once because you might end up with more food than you can eat, but here’s a link to get a discount on that as well. I need to re-configure my delivery dates and reassess, will keep you posted!

+ Back to my dry skin, this cream has been saving me. After I posted it to my story on Instagram, a few followers responded saying they loved it too and honestly I’m just mad I didn’t know about it sooner. The consistency is different than any of my other face creams. It just feels amazing and is so hydrating.

+ In the home decor department, the new Studio McGhee x Target collection came out this month and I loved it! Here are my top picks, including a similar option to my dining table. I also ordered these baskets to organize my linen closet with and I’m obsessed. They would be so cute in a pantry too!

+ Last, but not least, I might as well mention my Nespresso. I’m obsessed with it (I had a Keurig before). That’s all!

Linking all of these + a few more of your favorite items I shared this month for you below and if you have any blog post requests, feel free to comment below!