The Fashionably Broke is a website that encompasses personal style, fashion, home decor, and travel and lifestyle, as written and told by two style-obsessed sisters, Natalie and Erika Pinto.

They share their personal style via personal outfit photos and linking to their favorite brands and products.  It is their mission to inspire girls everywhere to achieve a fashionable lifestyle, on any budget.

The name is not meant to be a contradiction of our love of fashion (and don’t worry, we’re not broke), but it’s more a symbol of a lifestyle that we encourage; to look good and feel good no matter the cost.

“Think of “fashionably broke” as just like being “fashionably late;” you are “broke” in the most desirable way. Our goal is to bring anyone who can relate to being “fashionably broke” together in one place – this blog.” – Natalie