The Fashionably Broke is a blog, dedicated to inspiring the fellow fashion-obsessed. Written and told by two sisters, Natalie and Erika Pinto, through style expression and linking to their favorite brands and products. It is our mission to inspire girls everywhere to achieve a fashionable lifestyle, on any budget.

To be "fashionably broke" is just like being "fashionably late." You are "broke" in the most desirable way. Those who are "fashionably broke" embrace this way of life because it is for their love of looking good and feeling good by means of fashion and personal style expression. It's a mantra for how we live our lives and we strive to bring all of those who can relate to living "fashionably broke" together in one place, that is this blog.


Do you have questions, comments or want to work together? We would love to hear from you!

xo, Natalie & Erika
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